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SeMPeRFi: Is this funny yet? [URL]
22-09-2006 7:06:pm
Strikez: i removed and saved eh local english folder now i can play on any server wiithout mods
20-09-2006 11:28:pm
MaxxOut: per-rick!
20-09-2006 7:37:pm
SeMPeRFi: To remove the blood mod all you have to do is delete the english folder from the C:/ubisoft/graw/local folder
20-09-2006 7:17:pm
SeMPeRFi: I have removed the blood mod from the GRAW server until further notice. That is all.
19-09-2006 10:44:pm
Strikez: Hey guys is it possible to put the orignal file online for download that the GRAW blood mod replaces not many servers have it and I am tired of playing with myselft it thats possible.
19-09-2006 1:46:pm
BIG: holy shit....i made capt....kewl
19-09-2006 11:01:am
19-09-2006 10:59:am
Ramboner: I've been away for quite a while. You can see what I've been up to by going to [URL] and [URL]
18-09-2006 11:30:pm
Salvo: YEA NINJA IS ONE OF US, the place will never be the same
18-09-2006 7:36:pm
jrbeef: was goin on fellas
18-09-2006 10:02:am
Strikez: Hi guys I am stilll around, was with out a gaming CPU till my new stuff came in. I just bought GRAW now that my system can handle it. Will be playing as soon as I work bugs out.
15-09-2006 5:54:pm
ninja: Thanks for the warm welcome see ya all in game
15-09-2006 4:05:pm
SeMPeRFi: majic majic ninja whut majic majic ninja whut!
14-09-2006 3:19:pm
YellowMustard: Congrats to all for the Status upgrade & tanx to the admiins...and welcome Ninja to the RLC crew!
13-09-2006 2:37:pm
RedKetchup: Congrats Ninja happy u made it in buddy
13-09-2006 2:36:pm
12-09-2006 2:21:pm
SeMPeRFi: Yea I would expect you to say that scav. Seeing how OSU completly destroyed Illinios scoring 4 touchdowns in the first quarter. So go ahead and hate wanka!!
11-09-2006 1:28:pm
KeySeRSoSe: picked up GRAW on sale at target $29.95 , pick up a copy and get your asses over to our sister site, [URL] that is all
10-09-2006 11:22:pm
spartan: hey guys...srry i havent been on in so long....i've been real busy with school and football....idk when i'll get back to playing with all of u...but i'm letting u know i didint disappear...ttyl guys
10-09-2006 8:31:pm
NurFACe: Buckeye fans good luck with a successful season. My lovely Tarheels are on the way of 0 win season, which is what I want. We need a real coach and pay him. We let Mack Brown go since we didn't want to pay him. Mack has at least provided Texas a spot on radar. Tarheels play football look at NFL rosters but our team gets coached down reather than up.
10-09-2006 10:49:am
10-09-2006 1:18:am
BIG: GOOOOO BUCKS YeeeHaa !!!!!!!
10-09-2006 12:30:am
athena: OMG, Buckeyes Rule, Texas Blows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
09-09-2006 11:09:pm
Salvo: GO BUCKS!!!!! I am getting so excited I feel like Semps storm trooper
08-09-2006 7:56:pm
08-09-2006 3:37:am
KeySeRSoSe: Due to a "glitch" in the matrix, Elite server stats have been reset. That is all
07-09-2006 6:09:pm
Interval: Congrats Keys! Have a long and happy life together d00d!
05-09-2006 1:19:am
KeySeRSoSe: Our photographer participates with "Pictage". we will have more info when they will be available and how to view them. [URL]
04-09-2006 11:04:pm
DvF: Keys when are the pictures of the wedding online?
04-09-2006 6:08:pm
athena: oooooo LMAO
03-09-2006 11:54:pm
BIG: to much bare backin huh scav...
03-09-2006 8:44:pm
athena: Just wanted to let everyone know that Scavy is in the hospital for a few days . . . I will be chking the server status periodically,. If there are any other problems please hit me up in xfire and I will get back with you as soon as I see it. THAT IS ALL . . .
03-09-2006 3:02:pm
malicious: P.S.- I would tell you about the man-slavery thing but you may never hear from me again.....
31-08-2006 9:52:pm
malicious: Congrats to the newly married Mr. and Mrs keysersose
31-08-2006 9:50:pm
NurFACe: Wow!! Scave, LiL_Lemur231 played one round on Hells and gets banned. He must be a big pain in the rear.
30-08-2006 9:16:pm
NurFACe: Flying out to North Carolina tomorrow then driving uhaul truck back. I think a few admin can hold the fort down if not call on capt scave. I won't be back until Monday.
30-08-2006 9:13:pm
YellowMustard: congrats Keys from your condiment teamates, Red & me
29-08-2006 5:41:pm
KeySeRSoSe: Semperfi and I will review the current ranks and active admin list upon our return home. Expect to see an update no later than Sept 10th. that is all.
29-08-2006 10:40:am
Scarface: congrats man
28-08-2006 7:23:pm
DupiMan: Congrats Keys m8. Bout time another simgle bit the dust lol
28-08-2006 8:05:am
DvF: Congratulations...
26-08-2006 6:11:am
DvF: Keys, when is the baby(s) comming?
26-08-2006 6:11:am
26-08-2006 1:28:am
25-08-2006 3:00:pm
m8_: Scav, hope everything went well, nice to have you back online again. And for you Keys - > CONGRATULATION!
25-08-2006 2:21:pm
SeMPeRFi: The noobcannon is restricted. As for the FF, trust me you don't wanna go there in zulu. FF is in classic mode.
20-08-2006 6:43:pm
Strikez: any chance of getting the shotguns removed from the Zulu server and put Team KIll on?
20-08-2006 5:14:pm
Salvo: wtf are u talking about scavy? U hitting the pipe to much again?
19-08-2006 12:45:pm
Salvo: YO JB Happy freaking late B-day..Was waiting for ya to play, but never saw ya LOL!!!
16-08-2006 6:51:am

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