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17-11-2006 6:58:pm
SeMPeRFi: Some lil bitch wants to challenge the RLC pwnage crew. I told him bring him and his faggot clan to pistols server tonight at 8pm (pst),,,,,be there.
17-11-2006 3:57:pm
SeMPeRFi: Thanks
16-11-2006 11:01:pm
kangol: I made a ..does this mean I am no longer a freeloading asslicker?
16-11-2006 10:55:pm
KeySeRSoSe: Submit your zipcode to be added in the "time & weather" link
15-11-2006 8:51:am
14-11-2006 7:07:pm
SeMPeRFi: Pistols server IP changed. Refresh your favorites.
09-11-2006 8:28:pm
SeMPeRFi: The Splinter Cell: DA demo is out MP and SP. No LINES get it HERE: [URL]
09-11-2006 2:11:pm
KeySeRSoSe: connection testing for the next few hours on CLASSIC, ZULU, and TS, service my be interupted
09-11-2006 9:57:am
06-11-2006 11:03:pm
SeMPeRFi: Clip of the week: [URL]
06-11-2006 10:05:pm
SeMPeRFi: Should only be temporary guys. We will have the classic server back to full strength soon.
05-11-2006 9:18:pm
SeMPeRFi: FUCK Call of Duty 3 is canceld on PC!! Some1 go bust a nutt on EA's doornobs!! Bastards!!
04-11-2006 1:46:pm
KeySeRSoSe: 28,500 kbps !!!!! [URL]
03-11-2006 6:23:pm
KeySeRSoSe: and quit spaming my shoutbox DORK!
31-10-2006 10:16:pm
KeySeRSoSe: "wonder if keys shouldtake the GRAW server is online since it really isnt any more " WTF does that mean, you didn't give a decoder ring start point, u wanka!
31-10-2006 10:16:pm
Salvo: Scav u wanka,, gona tell you like I tell some of my client. Put the shit in a box and send it to me, cause u have no clue on how to work that thing. Joke let me know if ya need help!
27-10-2006 11:29:am
SeMPeRFi: scav u kn0bhead
26-10-2006 10:53:pm
SeMPeRFi: new Everest 3.5 is out [URL]
21-10-2006 3:43:pm
SeMPeRFi: I talked to him just a second ago.....everyoes ok and the beer is still cold so game on. His power will prolly be out for a couple days at most.
15-10-2006 5:29:pm
athena: Hope you're okay Howard . . . how bad was the quake?
15-10-2006 3:59:pm
Salvo: One down one more to go!!!! GO BUCKS!!!!!!
15-10-2006 8:31:am
BIG: dam scave tht mouse looks sick dude let me knw how it works ginnie...
13-10-2006 1:37:am
wolfman: WM@Ѥ in the house once again, HOOOOOOOOWL!!!!!!!
13-10-2006 1:36:am
BIG: welcome home my bro wolf
13-10-2006 1:24:am
KeySeRSoSe: Vista is SICK, i'm working some bugs out getting xp-32 and both vista32 n 64 installed on the same box. but from what ive seen i'm ready to switch over as soon as a full retail release hits
11-10-2006 9:18:pm
Strikez: Sold my system so I am making due with the new one but missing parts so I ll be intermintently cause my vid card sucks till I get new one in
10-10-2006 11:12:pm
Strikez: that vista rc 2 worth dling and using?
10-10-2006 11:11:pm
KeySeRSoSe: our sponsors have requested we release a edited version [URL]
08-10-2006 12:46:am
KeySeRSoSe: and now a message from our sponsors.... it helps to help others [URL]
08-10-2006 12:41:am
SeMPeRFi: Get the new vista RC2 here while you can [URL] 2.5Gb
07-10-2006 10:38:pm
SeMPeRFi: Get the BF2142 MP Demo here [FTP] 1.13Gb
06-10-2006 11:30:pm
SeMPeRFi: Jump in the official R6 IRC channel Here [URL] Chat with the devs and other hardcore R6 gamers!
06-10-2006 10:56:pm
malicious: Just a quick shout to all my Bros and let the crew know I'm still in the mix...Just shaggin' major ass trying to pay the bills...gettin ready to Google " How to make money and not work" worth a shot right?
05-10-2006 4:47:pm
Strikez: Hey is it possible to get the GRAW server change to a max of 2 lives 3 seems like a lot ?
03-10-2006 6:31:pm
pIpes: WOW, amazing pictures. "Grand.....quite Grand I say". Hey Jay I didnt know beneath all that hair, your a really good lookin chap.
02-10-2006 11:31:pm
KeySeRSoSe: Our wedding pictures are out, are are AMAZING!!! [URL] create a username and password with and e-mail account to view the pictures
02-10-2006 10:27:pm
KeySeRSoSe: [URL] teach u to mess with the freshmen on thier bikes
02-10-2006 12:10:pm
KeySeRSoSe: [URL]
01-10-2006 11:52:pm
SeMPeRFi: Thanx again everyone for your continued patronage to RLC. Keeping RvS alive for 3 years strong!
01-10-2006 10:31:pm
athena: GO BUCKEYES!!!! Tate's such a crybaby LOL
30-09-2006 11:06:pm
SeMPeRFi: Scav u whore I'm not showin you my plans nemore wanka
29-09-2006 4:33:pm
athena: its always the simple things in life that give the most pleasure . . . huh Scav
28-09-2006 5:24:pm
SeMPeRFi: Just a lil teaser... [URL]
28-09-2006 1:54:am
Strikez: Dam keys that pic is like showing a fat kind a smarty behind a glass cage.
26-09-2006 11:08:pm
Salvo: Oh by the way Nur, what happend to NC?
24-09-2006 10:06:pm
Salvo: Another one down, kind of scary in the begging, but good ol bucks pulled it out GO D!
23-09-2006 6:48:pm
23-09-2006 5:39:pm
KeySeRSoSe: the BEST of the BEST "F5" Web pages... [URL]
23-09-2006 12:15:am
SeMPeRFi: Hey its maxx-out!11
22-09-2006 7:07:pm

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