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pIpes: Congrats...
30-11-2006 8:21:pm
Salvo: Congrats to you both, didnt see a post tough, we need some picks.
30-11-2006 4:53:pm
fodder: congrats mommy and daddy, woooohooooo
30-11-2006 4:07:pm
kangol: awwww =( congrats got scrolled off
30-11-2006 10:30:am
malicious: Cheers! to my Dearest friends and we're proud of you Athena!!!
30-11-2006 6:33:am
KeySeRSoSe: NGT . 40 weeks on the nose, i'm shure athena is ready for her OWN full meal and some R&R. WOT
29-11-2006 10:58:pm
BIG: way to go bro....made me an uncle
29-11-2006 10:46:pm
Interval: Congrats Semp and Athena!
29-11-2006 10:45:pm
kangol: Congrats on the baby Semp and Athena
29-11-2006 5:37:pm
fodder: [URL] c
28-11-2006 9:21:am
SeMPeRFi: Yep that was me first time playin RvS
28-11-2006 12:33:am
Interval: omfg ahahahahaahahah!!!!!! [URL]
27-11-2006 11:17:pm
kangol: I'll put something over the names so no one feels singled out..
27-11-2006 9:39:pm
fodder: kangol that would be awsome to wach, would be even better to wach fodder doin dumb shit to interval good one, my son is 9 and have yet to see him get even remotly close to excited over any presants ive ever goten him, thats gota make dad feel good (caugh caugh just thinkin odds are most moms dont get video games for their kids unless their cool moms and how many of those are their hahaha)
27-11-2006 8:40:pm
Interval: [URL]
27-11-2006 7:51:pm
kangol: Hey guys...I have been taking fraps of random noobs that come to RLC servers...just wanted to know if anyone would get pissed if I made a movie of it and stuck it on this site... If so...just let me's no big deal
27-11-2006 6:24:pm
YellowMustard: tanx for the 'rank up', and congrats to all who ranked up!!
27-11-2006 4:42:pm
KeySeRSoSe: [URL]
27-11-2006 12:54:am
SeMPeRFi: Congrats to all those who ranked up.
26-11-2006 10:59:pm
Salvo: M8 you think I would break the law in my own contry Come m8 your smarter than that
26-11-2006 7:07:pm
m8_: So Salvo you live in Sweden then, becorse im allmost sure that the vid that Fodder linked to is made here, hehe
26-11-2006 8:30:am
Salvo: sweet fodder, but I told them not to put that vid of me on the net, oh well still looked sweet!!
26-11-2006 7:54:am
KeySeRSoSe: [URL] bump
25-11-2006 9:58:pm
SeMPeRFi: get with me nurf...i have a working crack.
25-11-2006 6:32:pm
fodder: [URL]
25-11-2006 6:00:pm
NurFACe: I went to game shop and picked gold edition. It's the 4 time I have bought this game. I had some extras but gave them to some friends. (salvo) I should be up and running today.
25-11-2006 1:53:pm
NurFACe: Going to look for RVS CD. My disc 2 has a crack in center. Gamecopyworld core.dll file punkbuster kick.
25-11-2006 12:13:pm
Interval: [URL]
24-11-2006 9:18:pm
fodder: a big fat happy thanksgiving to yall
23-11-2006 4:49:pm
KeySeRSoSe: Flippen everyone the bird, hope you have a safe one!
23-11-2006 1:08:pm
23-11-2006 12:16:pm
KeySeRSoSe: [URL] Perfect Canyon Run Drift Mode NFS Carbon
22-11-2006 3:30:pm
Salvo: Nice vids all of ya!!!
22-11-2006 2:18:pm
Interval: good stuff fodd lol
22-11-2006 11:38:am
fodder: [URL]
22-11-2006 11:31:am
m8_: Cool Int, liked the slow motion part (maybe lag?), sounded like old QUAKE
22-11-2006 10:19:am
DupiMan: Sweet Vid Interval. Nice to see RLC in action
22-11-2006 2:12:am
SeMPeRFi: Pwnage man,,,,freekin sweet dude.
21-11-2006 10:39:pm
Interval: [URL]
21-11-2006 7:34:pm
21-11-2006 12:01:am
Salvo: Like some sites were saying as long as USC or Lame Dame keeps winning, then the strength of schedule should change and thats where we get a new opponent. So for me I am not worried now, the football gods will take care of us in the end. ( I HOPE!!)
20-11-2006 7:06:am
SeMPeRFi: I agree nurf. Bring on the Trojans. And they're gonna need some trojans cause the bucks are gonna rape that ass.
19-11-2006 10:54:pm
NurFACe: NCAA and BCS are about who brings the most money to College Football. Michigan loses one game and some bcs points but remains #2. I don't want to see a rematch, simply because it's other tesms that deserve a chance to play Ohio St not some team that can say well we only lost to them by 3. A lost is a lost take it and move on.
19-11-2006 4:37:pm
Salvo: Semp, having a new born can take alot of time away, but I have been on here and there, just not on at nights anymore!!
19-11-2006 1:19:pm
Salvo: Oh yea, the bucks are the shit!!!!!
19-11-2006 1:18:pm
KeySeRSoSe: and just in case you missed this link on that page [URL]
18-11-2006 7:02:pm
KeySeRSoSe: Click here: BUCKEYE FANS ONLY: Screw Blue! [URL]
18-11-2006 6:58:pm
athena: Way to go Bucks Michigan Sucks Ass
18-11-2006 6:49:pm
SeMPeRFi: Thanks Salvo,,,,,where you been bro?
18-11-2006 1:21:pm
Salvo: Ok I donated and I havent played in months, Oh bytw GO BUCKS, Screw Blue
18-11-2006 8:57:am

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