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NurFACe : I'm not hear to debate immigration but just thought some shouldn't past information that's not accurate.
08-13-11 2:51pm
kangol : I don't mind Illegals that are here working their asses off and trying to become legal. It's the ones that jump the border, pop out their 8 kids and collect welfare and SSI that need to be booted out of this country.
08-13-11 2:28pm
SCAVENGER1 : why not? i got a right to
08-13-11 1:21pm
NurFACe : LMAO scavenger raging in shout box.
08-13-11 12:16pm
SCAVENGER1 : so what! i cant even get SSI but they can with ease? that is fucking bull shit!! im on my 8th time in trying to get it so far.
08-13-11 11:26am
NurFACe : scavenger, your mistaken illegal aliens can't get SSI but if that illegal has a child born in US then child can receive benefits.
08-13-11 8:26am
BopChizzle : [URL] there
08-12-11 9:47am
SCAVENGER1 : nice link boopcie !! this is what it shows for me > Server not found Firefox can't find the server at https.
08-11-11 11:40pm
BopChizzle : TS for Android Bishes [URL]
08-11-11 11:15am
SCAVENGER1 : this maybe true but whats in the white house now is making it much much worst! i wish i was a an illegal alien so i could get help and SSI but since i help to pay in it i dont get jack..
08-10-11 9:26pm
malicious : RLC: my EA screenname is +malicious+ add me as a friend.
08-10-11 4:38pm
malicious : Kang your spot on except I think the country took the fatal turn for the worse at some point in our past and the effects are just becoming more relevant and grow grander daily.
08-10-11 4:34pm
08-09-11 1:50am
kangol : This country is quicky going to shit. Dumb fucks in Washington finally sign their GOP and all they did was cut everyone else's budget. Why couldn't they cut their 100% coverage health care? Thought it was illegal for them to have what their citizens don't. Now we are a AA rating instead of AAA and we are about to give peices of land to China? Lybia anyone?
08-06-11 11:15am
SCAVENGER1 : uhm no i know why when i play Killing floor they ahd red orc in their advertizing while you wait for the round to start or wave
08-04-11 3:46am
Strikez : Sorry for dbl post thought first one didnt work
08-04-11 3:22am
Strikez : [URL] Has anyone tried the first one? Game says it will have COOP.
08-04-11 3:22am
Strikez : Any one try the first one? The second one has PB anti cheat vehilces and COOP [URL]
08-04-11 3:21am
kangol : [URL]
07-30-11 11:39am
07-29-11 12:01am
SCAVENGER1 : now i know why i enjoyed Star Trek [URL]
07-25-11 6:23pm
NurFACe : Condolences to Norway what a tragedy.
07-23-11 6:26pm
SeMPeRFi : New BF3 MP footage leaked: [URL]
07-23-11 4:34pm
SCAVENGER1 : had a wicked lighting/thunder storm last night and this 1 sounded and felt like it hit tree right outside my window! it kill the ac power to my modem but it kill the main ethernet port that goes between the modem and router ! o0 WTF !!! so now im on the old linksys router and the Dlink need a rma !! frakin hell !!!
07-23-11 4:17pm
07-21-11 10:15pm
SeMPeRFi : HAHA oops
07-21-11 9:58pm
SeMPeRFi : (ノಠ&#304 10;ಠ)ノ&# 24417;┻━& #9531;
07-21-11 9:58pm
07-21-11 3:26pm
SCAVENGER1 : ill bring the marshmellows !!!
07-20-11 11:27pm
SeMPeRFi : callin me a camper now...u so funny. i don't know how to camp son.
07-19-11 11:17pm
NurFACe : LMAO a 50 killstreak = camping HC no matter what FPS you playing. In fact seen guys in BF build up killstreaks just as easy doing same thing camping.
07-19-11 10:46pm
SeMPeRFi : Maybe in the beginning. Ever get a 50 killstreak? COD is for noobs. BF takes some skill.
07-19-11 10:07pm
NurFACe : Hate to break it to you Semp but your career stats in wins and losses says Blackops offer a challenge. Playercard
07-19-11 9:42pm
Interval : roflmao
07-19-11 7:11pm
SeMPeRFi : This just in. Subway using midgets to make their subs look bigger: [URL]
07-19-11 4:25pm
SeMPeRFi : If you could own ppl as easily as i do in COD you would probably be bored with it also. At least BF offers (me) a challenge.If Blops still seems challenging to you well...different strokes.
07-19-11 4:18pm
kangol : Ya, it is definantly a big let down. It took me from getting it on release day to waiting to hear a review.
07-18-11 7:04pm
SeMPeRFi : I think the destructible environment definitely sets the game apart from other shooters...amongst other features.
07-17-11 8:15pm
kangol : That does suck. But if destructible buildings made a game, then I would be playing BC2 instead of Black Ops But, that does make me less enthusiastic about BF3.
07-11-11 7:34pm
SeMPeRFi : Well that sucks [URL]
07-11-11 3:06pm
kangol : Correction! Tis not 'what' at the beginning, it is 'Twat?!'. Get it right Interval #2! lol
07-09-11 12:03am
Interval : whaaaat, i cunt hear you, i have an ear infucktion
07-07-11 3:01pm
SeMPeRFi : I thought u were talking about the new R6 for a second I was like WHAAAAT
07-06-11 5:35pm
Interval : oh yeh and you get to choose you class. sniper, auto rifleman, rifleman, and'll need to rank up in each class to get scopes n such for each class
07-05-11 8:12pm
Interval : you get to upgrade you weapons and secondary's aswell as your charater as you progress
07-05-11 7:58pm
Interval : the night op was sick too
07-05-11 7:57pm
Interval : yo Semp, heres a pretty good look at the campagn, which can also be played coop ... missions go anywhere from 30 to 50 mins with plenty to kill [URL]
07-05-11 7:54pm
SeMPeRFi : New R6 game coming! [URL]
07-05-11 12:17am
Interval : God Bless America [URL]
07-04-11 7:34am
SeMPeRFi : Red River is 40 bucks for a damn dx9 game? Looks like fun but I'll wait till it comes down a bit.
07-03-11 11:08pm

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