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05-06-2007 11:35:pm
bigdog: a fight at burger king [URL]
05-06-2007 9:51:pm
SeMPeRFi: I created an account on their site then went to the stats page.
05-06-2007 5:09:pm
PAINKIWA: How did you find that i wana see
05-06-2007 2:45:pm
SeMPeRFi: Painkiller is in the top 20 in the XI server stats.
05-06-2007 12:01:pm
MoronicWonder: Pisols server is down and I'm in Orlando so I can't cold boot it. I tried just rebooting, but now I can't get back in it. Sorry for the inconvenience... Who knows, maybe if the power goes out this week it should come back up on it's own...
05-06-2007 11:36:am
bigdog: [URL]
05-06-2007 8:58:am
bigdog: lol
04-06-2007 8:25:am
bigdog: mini micheal jackson [URL]
03-06-2007 9:02:pm
Strikez: I am still around guys hope everyone doing fine. What is everyone plalying now? I want to get back to playing but have alot of crap I am trying to get done.
03-06-2007 3:15:pm
02-06-2007 10:44:pm
heklos: what we playin tonite ??
01-06-2007 10:14:pm
SeMPeRFi: My card works great in Vista and Creative released a new driver yesterday. Insert foot into mouth
31-05-2007 10:29:am
MoronicWonder: Never heard of Azuntech.
31-05-2007 8:13:am
PAINKIWA: You probably already seen the trailer for COD4 but here it is for those who havent. [URL]
31-05-2007 7:42:am
PAINKIWA: w00t i got RAMPAGE on COD2 Tonight. Im happy now!!!
30-05-2007 11:41:pm
SeMPeRFi: LOL Azuntech makes shit cards scav. Support is nill and you only get a 30 day manufacturer warranty.
30-05-2007 2:09:pm
SeMPeRFi: Hell Yea [URL]
30-05-2007 2:04:pm
MoronicWonder: Hey Scavy, What's wrong with Creative?? If not Creative, what brand would you use?
30-05-2007 8:25:am
PAINKIWA: what do i need that for? lol your random scav
30-05-2007 7:36:am
PAINKIWA: status of the COD2 Server [URL]
29-05-2007 2:53:pm
PAINKIWA: its ok lil one. we wont beat you too hard. You need to get COD2 off semp. that game kicks arse
29-05-2007 2:03:pm
bigdog: im srry guys i havent been on in a while my internet has been down i ave wireless
29-05-2007 8:42:am
PAINKIWA: boom head shot boom head shot, BOOM HEAD SHOT!!!
29-05-2007 7:27:am
PAINKIWA: man i tell you what COD2 is my new CRACK!
29-05-2007 7:26:am
fodder: i added the 3 maps and was trying to test if they were working maps or not. but once it crashed that reached the limites of my ability to fix it by removing the maps iif they were bad..
28-05-2007 11:46:pm
SeMPeRFi: sounds like scavy the cross dressing newb admin has been playing with the maps again Ghost Town is an iron wrath map.
28-05-2007 12:50:am
fodder: rlc_ghosttown crashed the classic server, cant remove it or check the next 2 maps after it to see if they are working maps
28-05-2007 12:06:am
27-05-2007 10:09:pm
kangol: [URL] ......If only it weren't made by UBI
26-05-2007 8:04:pm
m8_: Classic is down, scav can you restart it? PLZ
26-05-2007 5:52:pm
athena: [URL] . . . here's that link Scav. Let me know if she tries it out. If she gives me her in world name, we can hang out.
26-05-2007 2:51:pm
SeMPeRFi: The new TR demo is out. [URL]
26-05-2007 11:59:am
SeMPeRFi: Classic server will be down for a bit.
25-05-2007 3:34:pm
Strikez: Heklos dont have the game just was curious if it was worth while. I am really busy with work and exercising ritght now. I still checking in so take care guys
25-05-2007 12:46:am
heklos: strikes join me on 3rd ID and the BDA servers i play Arma.
24-05-2007 11:29:pm
SeMPeRFi: I didn't care for ArmA strikez. Too much running around and the graphics aren't up to par with other games out right now. Just my opinion.
24-05-2007 12:36:pm
Strikez: I am still around just really busy and when im playing I am in Lax vegas Sharpshooter game
23-05-2007 10:37:pm
Strikez: Did you checkou t this game yet if you have is it any good sequal to OP FLash point [URL]
23-05-2007 10:36:pm
KeySeRSoSe: once i deleted the kitty porn scav uploaded they released the account restrictions...
23-05-2007 2:13:pm
athena: Wassup all ?!
22-05-2007 11:42:pm
m8_: Nice to see the site is back up again.
22-05-2007 1:22:pm
heklos: wewt
22-05-2007 1:03:pm
PAINKIWA: Sweet sites back up
22-05-2007 8:26:am
SeMPeRFi: NFS 2k8 [URL]
22-05-2007 1:19:am
kangol: Glad its back up
22-05-2007 12:35:am
KeySeRSoSe: Due to a misunderstanding, our hosting was temporarily interrupted. Thanks for your patients...
22-05-2007 12:34:am
SeMPeRFi: Starta thread and post some pics.
20-05-2007 10:20:pm
SeMPeRFi: FREE game called CellFactor. It's pretty fun too, for a FREE FPS. Did I mention it was FREE. [URL]
20-05-2007 9:09:pm
SeMPeRFi: LOL got mineral oil? [URL]
20-05-2007 3:54:pm

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