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BIG: wudup dave
11-07-2007 8:07:pm
bigdog: sup dave how u been man
11-07-2007 12:21:pm
malicious: Semp send me the link for Transformers on Xfire....thx bro.....SUP EVERYONE?
11-07-2007 12:14:pm
Salvo: Yes No more MP5 bastards killing us too easy!!!!
11-07-2007 6:04:am
m8_: Semp, just for you, [URL]
09-07-2007 11:56:pm
bigdog: hay guys srry i havent been on for a while i have no pc in the house right now...soo hopefully i will get one soon
09-07-2007 5:12:pm
kangol: Just stopping by to say, "I'm still alive!" ... Been working alot and shit...Talk to ya guys later
08-07-2007 9:52:am
KeySeRSoSe: FiXeD, LiK My CHoDe!
08-07-2007 9:38:am
SeMPeRFi: BTW the ftp isn't working on the website right now. It should be back up tomorrow. Thats why the pics aren't showing up in the forum.
07-07-2007 3:05:am
SeMPeRFi: You get that scav or you just jerk off to the picture? :) :) :)
06-07-2007 10:48:pm
05-07-2007 12:40:pm
KeySeRSoSe: [URL]
04-07-2007 6:47:pm
PAINKIWA: lol salvo
29-06-2007 11:22:am
Salvo: Pain, Unfortuantly it will have to be soon since I am going to be without net rather soon for a month or two since I am moving to a new house! But the good news is once in the new house I will have my OWN GAMING ROOM!! not more getting off the pc at 7 at night so my son can go to sleep
28-06-2007 9:42:am
PAINKIWA: yes salvo that is very sad. MUHAHAHA now if you could catch me in the pistols server hmm. havent played in a while you could probably beat me!
27-06-2007 3:26:pm
ninja: Thanks you comrades, now if only I could shoot straight i might get good at this game
27-06-2007 2:07:pm
Salvo: Congrats on the 1000 ninja, your almost caught up to me! Is that sad or not????
27-06-2007 12:53:pm
PAINKIWA: ninja should be an expert with that many hours under his belt excuse me triple quadruple black titanium belt!!
27-06-2007 11:19:am
m8_: Ninja, congrats to 1K hours of playing RVS
27-06-2007 7:54:am
Salvo: Keys when is TW going to wideband??????
25-06-2007 5:38:pm
KeySeRSoSe: [URL]
24-06-2007 7:40:pm
m8_: hehe [URL]
24-06-2007 2:11:pm
PAINKIWA: heck ya cant wait 30 weapons YEAAAHHH!!!
23-06-2007 10:56:pm
SeMPeRFi: COD4 in game [URL]
23-06-2007 12:57:pm
ShockAngel: Hello to every one been a while but i tried the game tonight and WOW does it go so good now no more lagging and bad graphic i am so kicking ASS :P:PP miss ya all be safe
22-06-2007 3:22:am
Salvo: Ninja your always around!!! I still see you on there!!!
20-06-2007 12:50:pm
SeMPeRFi: Ive been playing GRAW 2 demo everynight
19-06-2007 11:30:pm
ninja: i'M STILL ABOUT
19-06-2007 3:25:pm
Salvo: I think everyone has the summer bug, I know that I have not been on much since my pc shares a room with my 8 month old son. But we sold our house and are moving in the middle of July. So I shall be able to play all night long!
19-06-2007 10:24:am
PAINKIWA: the site has been extremely dead, where is everyone?
19-06-2007 9:40:am
Geronimo: Happy PAPASON DAY to all u PAPA;s lol
17-06-2007 9:55:am
15-06-2007 11:40:pm
Geronimo: I always have xfire up so hit me up and I fix u up lol
13-06-2007 10:28:pm
Geronimo: Of course wish more of u played JO M8 been in killin with me somkme now Scavenger is a slacker in that field lol
13-06-2007 6:02:pm
Salvo: Is this going to be another Vegas FLOP? Still pissed I didnt wait on that one LOL, but was fun for the short time I played it.
12-06-2007 1:17:pm
Geronimo: Is Graw2 any better then Graw 1 it was a bit slow but JO rocks lol
12-06-2007 9:52:am
SeMPeRFi: You're not the only one having trouble with the ageia install. check the ubi forums.
08-06-2007 11:50:pm
SeMPeRFi: Check your drivers. Did you forget this is an UBI game.;
08-06-2007 11:13:pm
PAINKIWA: boo graw2 [URL]
08-06-2007 10:28:pm
PAINKIWA: lol i knew you would say that
08-06-2007 12:21:pm
PAINKIWA: i must be kicking some arse on COD2 i am ranked 14 on the XI server w00t!!!! [URL]
08-06-2007 11:20:am
SeMPeRFi: Yep. Does your XP do dx10?
07-06-2007 11:21:pm
PAINKIWA: holy shiat that dx10 bench is cool. have to have vista?
07-06-2007 11:14:pm
07-06-2007 3:16:pm
SeMPeRFi: Call of Juarez DX10 Benchmark [URL]
07-06-2007 2:17:pm
SeMPeRFi: Download the GRAW 2 DEMO at [URL]
07-06-2007 11:39:am
PAINKIWA: i only noticed those two services running when i launch the game so i put the underscore in front. what windows cant find it cant start. also i havent tried just number in the name i always used underscore at beginning of the exe filename. I will make sure this works, i just tested it quickly last night and those services didnt start for me.
07-06-2007 9:31:am
PAINKIWA: BTW on COD2 if you want to stop the pnkbstra.exe and the b.exe from running do a windows search and find pnkbstr*.exe then put an underscore infront of all 3 (one A, two B) l8r bud.
06-06-2007 11:30:pm
PAINKIWA: WTF there is some kind of advertisement in the RLC Radio WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!
06-06-2007 1:45:pm
PAINKIWA: bigdog your link isnt working
06-06-2007 11:26:am

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