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Salvo: Congrats nube welcome to the dark side
02-08-2007 11:04:am
bigdog: congrats neb
02-08-2007 1:33:am
nebula: sux!
01-08-2007 6:25:pm
01-08-2007 10:28:am
jr_beef: check out the new pc pix in the forums
31-07-2007 12:51:pm
nebula: thanks for having me rlc..glad to be here
31-07-2007 12:05:pm
SeMPeRFi: Welcome Nebs to the crazy killhouse
31-07-2007 3:20:am
BIG: welcome to the family nebula..glad to have you
30-07-2007 11:15:pm
bigdog: wow i really have to start playin im 16 in elite i used to be 9th
30-07-2007 2:02:pm
MoronicWonder: Upgraded the CPU in Pistols from 1.8GHZ to 2.6GHZ; Thanks Nurf, that processor works!
28-07-2007 12:01:pm
nebula: I have a new mic now!
28-07-2007 11:42:am
SeMPeRFi: Shock & Awe
27-07-2007 1:54:am
KeySeRSoSe: nebula CHECK FORUMS!!!
26-07-2007 10:33:pm
jr_beef: hello shockangel 2 bad im the only sexi 1 here lol jk
26-07-2007 9:32:pm
bigdog: ty shock i now i am u today
26-07-2007 8:23:pm
26-07-2007 5:31:pm
jr_beef: kill sumthin biotch
26-07-2007 2:27:pm
kangol: I have a paid account, just don't want to post for non RLC..hit me up in xfire, the dl speed is unlimited
26-07-2007 12:36:pm
kangol: Get the Vegas map pack from here [URL]
26-07-2007 12:24:pm
Salvo: jeremiah you still need a PSU?
26-07-2007 6:40:am
25-07-2007 8:36:pm
BIG: i wud just like to say thankyou to all my rlc fam for helping get jr beef up and runnin..
25-07-2007 6:00:pm
MoronicWonder: Jr Beef's pc is done and he will have it tonight
25-07-2007 5:59:pm
NurFACe: You canl't lose a text mesage, but you can delete one. You tool.
25-07-2007 5:20:pm
BIG: ?? huh...
25-07-2007 4:50:pm
Salvo: Beef Hit me up with a PM for your info to ship this PSU out to you. Yes nur I lost the text mess you sent me
25-07-2007 11:30:am
23-07-2007 4:22:pm
jr_beef: wats up foos kill sumthin
22-07-2007 11:19:pm
Strikez: My son crash the cpu so I ll be back lying when I have time to reformat it. cya thened
21-07-2007 10:03:am
bigdog: hay guys i juess i wont be playing any thing for a while soo ill cy a guys later
21-07-2007 1:07:am
Interval: wassup people. long time no see
19-07-2007 11:04:pm
SeMPeRFi: Keys is on it.
18-07-2007 7:30:pm
NurFACe: Yes RLC servers are not listed but other servers are playable. WTF Ubi taking out fustration on RLC.
18-07-2007 6:53:pm
ninja: Junior beef also has the same problem so not just me help need my RVS fix
18-07-2007 4:35:pm
ninja: non of the servers are showing up in lRVS list and unable to get in by IP help
18-07-2007 4:34:pm
bigdog: lol yeah havent had them for about a month
18-07-2007 3:17:pm
bigdog: i got my pcs back bitchs
17-07-2007 11:34:pm
SeMPeRFi: Vegas Patch Link [URL]
17-07-2007 11:14:pm
fodder: classic server, opanoktras or whatever the volcano map with the heli pad in the center is crashing ther server. cant tell what the problem is other than it kereps reseting the map to airport night, i would of removed the map but once the server crashes i cant access the page naymore, and dont have access to reset the servers
16-07-2007 11:23:pm
SeMPeRFi: It's still the same map. remove one from the list. tossa
16-07-2007 1:49:pm
SeMPeRFi: He is saying you have taw maze inthe classic maplist 2 times.
16-07-2007 12:27:pm
Salvo: Scav it was in game where I was seeing it, also saw two taw masess back to back.. Cant check now since dont have internet at home.
16-07-2007 6:54:am
m8_: Crist cryses, [URL]
15-07-2007 11:56:am
KeySeRSoSe: *update* host gator updated their hardware firewall and lost previous settings, i will be in contact with them and we will have the situation resolved in the next 24hrs
15-07-2007 12:59:am
KeySeRSoSe: looks like host gator is blocking ports again, my machine just took a shit so i'll work on it as soon as i can
13-07-2007 8:16:pm
SeMPeRFi: Yes its been down for a couple of days. I'll get Keys.
13-07-2007 6:50:pm
ninja: don't know if its me or an error somewhere but server status is not show up
13-07-2007 5:09:pm
ninja: don't know if its me or an error somewhere but server status is not show up
13-07-2007 4:38:pm
Salvo: parade on classic is not working
12-07-2007 9:08:am
BIG: where the hell is everybody tonight
11-07-2007 9:27:pm

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