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athena: Ummm, there you go f/ers
22-10-2007 2:33:pm
Salvo: Still waiting athena
22-10-2007 10:59:am
Salvo: Nur you mean that guy that is on tv and movies was a rapper LOL!!!
22-10-2007 10:56:am
kangol: Haha, I hadn't looked at the avitars and decided to look this my step son saya thx for the Boobie flash.
22-10-2007 10:23:am
NurFACe: Funky cold medina [URL]
21-10-2007 11:10:pm
athena: r u guys f/in kidding me? let me find my flopping dick avatar hold on a sec . . . .
21-10-2007 7:27:pm
Salvo: Anyone need a floataion device?
21-10-2007 12:18:am
Salvo: Ummm scav, I love your new avaitar, but can you tone her down a bit, wife is getting mad from me comming upstairs and cheking the shout box ever few minutes LOL!!!!!!
20-10-2007 8:19:am
Salvo: scav you and ip's I would think that it would be bad luck, but no one has that much bad luck
19-10-2007 10:09:pm
KeySeRSoSe: thanks ninja, server was down during the switch, it has been updated sir.
18-10-2007 11:48:pm
Salvo: Wish I could say I paid them off, but since I have no money that is impossible.
18-10-2007 9:53:pm
ninja: For info password for zulu is old
18-10-2007 5:27:pm
ninja: some serious ass kissing i bet
18-10-2007 5:26:pm
ninja: how the hell did Salvo make officer
18-10-2007 5:25:pm
SeMPeRFi: Didn't the Patriots get caught spying or stealing the other teams play calls recently?
18-10-2007 1:25:pm
Salvo: Oh hell no he did not say that, I can't, CAN'T I SAY CAN'T root for anyone that played for MECHAGAN!
18-10-2007 10:04:am
pIpes: RLC FOREVER! GO Patriots!!!!
17-10-2007 9:56:pm
Salvo: Congrats to everyone that got a promotion
16-10-2007 1:58:pm
Salvo: Will do SIR!
16-10-2007 1:56:pm
SeMPeRFi: For a game thats going on 6 years old I'd say the site and the servers are still doing better than most. Instead of pointing out the obvious why not see what you can do to help draw more traffic to both. I did all the recruiting for the first 2 years. Now that we have a dozen officers it's up to you guys to get new members.
16-10-2007 12:58:pm
Salvo: Not to jump on the "get the shit beat out of you wagon" but I see what Kan was saying, yes with the new game and the fact that this site always seems to slow down in the summer, it just seems right now that the site and the game is getting less attention than it used to. I have seen it where no one will post in the shout box for close to the a week. I am not saying anyone abondoned the site or the clan, just saying I am seeing what Kan is seeing.
16-10-2007 7:25:am
kangol: I went back and read what I typed and that came out the wrong way...was just saying that with the other 2 sites up I don't see as many posts here in spefific as I used to...didn't mean to imply anyone ditched it or whatever......and that sucks to hear about working weekends, bet you made bank though.
15-10-2007 7:19:pm
BIG: HOLY SHIT ....i got bumped up to LTC..sweet thx
15-10-2007 5:27:pm
MoronicWonder: Maybe members need to step up and offer help where their expertise or interests lie... Although I have to say, this site has always been up when I try to logon and everything seems to just work! Was there a specific issue I may have missed?
15-10-2007 4:16:pm
SeMPeRFi: I talked to keys we will be doing ranks this week. And I still post here and play rvs wtf you on about kangol?
15-10-2007 12:01:pm
KeySeRSoSe: not sure what you are trying to say kan,. alot of effort is being put into the other sites yes, but fodder is still working on maps for RvS and we are still hosting 3 out of 4 servers, once i talk to semp i will bring the zulu server back online here. as for myself i've been working 10-12 hrs a day and just finished a 13 day straight run, poof, sundays over back to work.
15-10-2007 11:43:am
kangol: I think this site has become the bastard child of Tweakforce and BF2142...that seems to be where all the action is atleast.
15-10-2007 10:21:am
Salvo: The RLC rankings, just wondering if they are done on this page? Have some younger members that have not moved, and even some old members that have not come out of MIA
15-10-2007 9:47:am
Salvo: Speaking of ranks, are they done on this site?
13-10-2007 11:14:pm
Geronimo: so how rank are u lol can smell u from here
13-10-2007 1:52:pm
Geronimo: nope havent checked out BF yet saw a server was being put uo tho
13-10-2007 12:36:pm
Geronimo: [URL]
13-10-2007 10:20:am
Geronimo: Well I am happy to inform u that RLC is rockin JOon the IO allied nation stats for over 7400 people your warrior is in the #1 spot now and a 5star Genral
13-10-2007 10:16:am
NurFACe: Cris Angel is amazing mind freak [URL]
10-10-2007 10:22:pm
m8_: Semp, LOL, very nice
09-10-2007 5:08:pm
SeMPeRFi: Achmed the dead terrorist lmao [URL]
09-10-2007 12:17:pm
Salvo: Funny as hell fodder
09-10-2007 7:09:am
fodder: [URL]
08-10-2007 6:55:pm
fodder: [URL]
07-10-2007 5:22:pm
SeMPeRFi: TEABAGGGG u michigan fks :) [URL]
06-10-2007 10:41:pm
KeySeRSoSe: [URL]
06-10-2007 5:50:pm
Geronimo: I smell Beef lol Yeah and I'm still here 2 still raping JO wish more of u played it miss the crew sry was getting real bored with RVS need something different to do but I keep checking website anyway to c how folks are
06-10-2007 5:37:pm
Salvo: What did he say the beef stick is back?
05-10-2007 10:57:am
kangol: WB Beef Daddy! lol
04-10-2007 12:59:pm
BIG: wussup ya'll THE BEEF IS BACK
04-10-2007 11:48:am
kangol: Fuckers must have canceled the PC version...unless I misread it when I first saw it in one of my magazines
03-10-2007 9:35:pm
NurFACe: PS3 and Xbox 360 for Fracture
03-10-2007 5:12:pm
kangol: [URL]
03-10-2007 1:13:am
NurFACe: Athena and M8 now I would call that a muddy situation. here's pie in your eye. Let me see your Gas face
02-10-2007 6:27:pm
m8_: Athena, LMAO, no comment!!!
02-10-2007 2:21:am

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