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kangol : Love how quick people were to point out the total BS in that article. Hah!
09-20-11 6:51pm
09-20-11 12:30pm
kangol : haha...nice link scav
09-14-11 7:53am
09-14-11 7:00am
SCAVENGER1 : well i hope so to cause i did fill in a form to corsair thinking it may be the ram, but even tho i stated it pass memtest they still want me to rma back to them. not sure if i want to or not cause i dont have any spare ram to use till it gets sorted out ya know, and so far so good no bsod
09-13-11 11:38pm
NurFACe : well glad you got it sorted out scavenger.
09-13-11 11:18pm
SCAVENGER1 : well i think it may be a gfx driver problem cause i did reset my system to stock clocks on the cpu, since gpu has never been oc yet. so im on the xg11.5 now and i hope not to see another bsod..
09-12-11 9:46pm
NurFACe : one more should be in forum post for support or ideas.
09-12-11 4:32pm
NurFACe : scave that looks like problem with you system being overclock. go back to default and see if you can recreate error.
09-12-11 4:31pm
SCAVENGER1 : uhm been getting bsod and so far most are the stop:124 but this 1 is new to me [URL] not sure where to go from here, but i did run memtest oc and not oc and got no errors from it
09-12-11 10:12am
kangol : Dead Island is actually pretty damned fun.
09-07-11 6:47pm
08-28-11 1:29am
duppyman : Thank all the gods. Thanks for the heads up Nur appreciate it.
08-28-11 12:07am
NurFACe : Salvo only has some cosmetic damage. Irene wasn't as bad as NC has seen but it made the news.
08-27-11 6:59pm
kangol : I haven't heard from Salvo in like 4 years. Maybe Semp or Keys would know.
08-27-11 9:02am
duppyman : anyone heard from Salvo yet. not sure if his area got hit bad or not but can't seem to raise him !!!!
08-27-11 4:53am
SCAVENGER1 : and the coop doesnt sound to bad though
08-24-11 3:15am
kangol : Multiplayer on Rage is pretty much driving the buggy's you build and upgrading them.
08-23-11 11:39pm
NurFACe : yeah Rage does look quite interesting and has a lot of hype. Got my interest for sure.
08-23-11 10:22pm
SCAVENGER1 : shit wrong link [URL]
08-22-11 7:00am
SCAVENGER1 : uhm this looks really cool [URL]
08-22-11 6:56am
SeMPeRFi : Sry 64 players for RO2 not 48
08-20-11 11:43pm
SeMPeRFi : Don't forget RO2...48 player servers RO2>MW3 [URL]
08-20-11 11:42pm
kangol : Too many fucking games coming out in Oct and Nov! I'm going to be broke!
08-20-11 9:55pm
kangol : Advanced stat tracker is not free. Sorry for the slip up. But who gives a shit about Hit locations and spots you kill people the most on a map anyhow?
08-20-11 9:54pm
NurFACe : Funny how it goes from you have to pay for stats which is clearly stated you don't in faq website to I'm their favorite type of customer. My point is stat tracker is free.
08-20-11 1:44pm
Interval : thx scav w00t
08-20-11 9:41am
SCAVENGER1 : here is the link [URL] here is the promo code EMCYTZT688
08-20-11 3:17am
SCAVENGER1 : here is the promo code EMCYTZT688 [URL]
08-20-11 3:17am
SCAVENGER1 : wow newegg has BF3 with promo code its the limited edtion for $47.99
08-20-11 3:12am
kangol : Alright man, you keep chewing on everything they feed you. You're their favorite type of customer. Notice how they DIDN'T say what you would have to pay for? It's cool though, but not something I'm going to have a debate about. Hard to argue when information is being withheld.
08-19-11 9:56pm
NurFACe : I took the time to read the faq page for mw3 did you. Elite offers a free and a premium service that's what I read from link.
08-19-11 7:55pm
NurFACe : I took the time to read the faq page for mw3 did you. I
08-19-11 7:54pm
kangol : you're kidding yourself if you think it will only be for consoles. Since when do PC players get something better than consoles on a console port?
08-19-11 6:48pm
kangol : It isn't confirmed on PC yet, but you'
08-19-11 6:48pm
08-19-11 3:14am
08-19-11 2:42am
08-18-11 10:07pm
NurFACe : call of duty elite. [URL]
08-18-11 9:15pm
NurFACe : Kangol, You don't have to pay for stat tracker. Pay service is toward consoles according to link. Call of Duty Elite
08-18-11 9:14pm
08-17-11 9:49pm
kangol : Dedicated servers yes, but you have to pay a monthly fee to have your stats tracked, etc. MW3 can eat shit.
08-17-11 7:02pm
NurFACe : Modern Warfare3 dedicated servers. [URL]
08-17-11 6:00pm
malicious : Scav, my Dad loss use of his right hand on the job and it took him 22 years and countless denials vefore they started to give him $12.84 a month!
08-17-11 2:41pm
08-16-11 2:31pm
08-16-11 11:31am
08-15-11 2:49pm
SCAVENGER1 : yeah your right kangol and it is not right either. i know in my own town that their are some that mooch off the system for generations and they have so much more then i could ever have and they dont even have to work to get , another reason why the system is so fk up and its not getting any better
08-14-11 1:03pm
kangol : It's not just the Immigrants Scav. There are just as many or more Americans that are capable of working that mooch off the system as well. You can't generalize a demographic because some of them do. Some, if not more Immigrants work harder than most Americans. You should remember, unless you are primarily Native American, than you are a descendant of someone who was an immigrant too.
08-14-11 10:53am
SCAVENGER1 : so the none speaking mex that are in the store i see every time i go shopping that have enough shit to fill 2 carts is not accurate then by your standard? and they have better cloths/vehicals/and housing then i do and i did my due in deposting into the system, but i cant get any of it cause of these fuckers? are you serious nurface?
08-13-11 4:41pm

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