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21-02-2008 10:12:pm
Interval: [URL]
21-02-2008 6:43:pm
Strikez: [URL] seems the E8400 series intel cpu will work on the 680 evga boards. For those that are running the 680 boards. Just have to flash the bios
20-02-2008 11:09:pm
SeMPeRFi: Thanks Guys!
20-02-2008 6:45:pm
20-02-2008 5:56:pm
m8_: Happy B-Day Semp -> [URL] [URL]
20-02-2008 5:19:pm
MoronicWonder: Hey Beef, This one's for you! [URL]
20-02-2008 3:18:pm
20-02-2008 2:55:am
20-02-2008 1:17:am
fodder: [URL]
19-02-2008 8:17:am
KeySeRSoSe: ***Warning*** Athena Do Not Click.... [URL] WooHoo!!! Boobs
19-02-2008 1:43:am
athena: well did you get your chicky something?
15-02-2008 10:30:pm
Salvo: Athena I am not happy with your false advertisement
15-02-2008 8:54:am
14-02-2008 4:17:pm
KeySeRSoSe: [16:36] FRT: yo tell every1 srry havent been on ive been on new computer on WoW
14-02-2008 3:37:pm
athena: Happy Valentine's Day boys . . . love ya all!
14-02-2008 12:56:pm
fodder: [URL]
13-02-2008 1:21:pm
fodder: click... click .... click................ .....CLICK ................CLICK ................. CLICK................ ..CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK
12-02-2008 3:41:pm
athena: f/er . . . nothing is a SHORT trip for me . . .that's not what your woman said about you though
11-02-2008 11:06:pm
athena: where oh where is my video card, where oh where can it be . . . dammit i'm going looney without being able to game!
11-02-2008 11:02:pm
SeMPeRFi: yea i turned zulu down a notch. guess I should have posted sorry. =P
09-02-2008 5:35:pm
fodder: agree about zulu, sempy stoped in last night said he turned it down a touch, as for elite, lol ive always felt that way, but its another play style, for people who like a more real aproach to stealth fighting, wer eyou walk and sneak and i like to run around and kill as much carnage as i can befor egettin snuffed, and sometimes you do really well and others ya dont, but thats just my fun for what i like.
09-02-2008 2:18:pm
Salvo: yea I know was not directing it at you, you just had a question so I answered, elete is the same way tangos are just crasy nuts, maybe the game has passed me bye
09-02-2008 1:17:pm
Salvo: Scav, I cannot speek for others, but I think some of the issues of why no one comes forward are for a few reasons, 1 dont want to seem like a whiner, 2 they are new maps and as any new map it does take some getting used to so it may not be a speed problem but a new map problem, but to be honest tangos are appearing and just shooting before we get to react, and the reason I didnt say anything to keys was the fact he was seeing it and saying the same thing, he just was not findng it to be an issue,,,, Guess he liked it? To be honest with you its not much of a problem if you have the server over half full, then peeps can lay cover for everyone, but as beefy found out that does not always work either, as I was trying to shoot a tango and he would NOT go down and took out beef. But it realy does suck playing with only a handfull of people again just my opp.
09-02-2008 8:21:am
Salvo: The Overall speed, its so fast that it tends to start acting like lag, been real problemsome for peeps out of the US.
08-02-2008 9:28:pm
Salvo: Can we please take zulu server down a notch, its not much fun to play, just my opp!
08-02-2008 4:50:pm
Interval: I need your help on a map fodder
07-02-2008 5:42:pm
pIpes: WOW i would like to get my hand on that shottie
07-02-2008 3:44:am
pIpes: Thanx for you help with NorthernStrike Scav
07-02-2008 3:36:am
06-02-2008 11:32:pm
malicious: [URL]
06-02-2008 6:18:pm
fodder: [URL]
06-02-2008 1:02:am
BIG: WooTWooT...WaY To Go FRoST
05-02-2008 6:14:pm
malicious: [URL]
30-01-2008 1:29:pm
m8_: [URL]
30-01-2008 12:22:am
fodder: lmao now why did i know that would be something you would be atract4ed to hehehehe
29-01-2008 10:43:pm
Interval: [URL] Nice Catch
29-01-2008 8:02:pm
BIG: any takers [URL]
28-01-2008 12:29:pm
BIG: semp..i think its time for some new tunage bro...
28-01-2008 12:15:pm
SeMPeRFi: if you had a myspace we would know scav. you tosser. happy b day guys.get wasted this buds for you.
27-01-2008 2:34:pm
kangol: Happy Bday Keys
27-01-2008 9:03:am
SeMPeRFi: parteah!!1!!11 [URL]
27-01-2008 1:23:am
fodder: [URL] LMFAO
26-01-2008 5:15:am
BIG: funny shit dave..
26-01-2008 3:03:am
malicious: [URL]
25-01-2008 1:44:pm
MoronicWonder: COD4 map and mod tools released last night! Looks pretty sweet!!! [URL]
19-01-2008 10:15:am
Interval: thats some funny shit there fodder ahahaha
18-01-2008 9:42:pm
fodder: [URL] cat lovers look here
18-01-2008 3:45:pm
fodder: [URL] i laughed so hard my sided hurt
17-01-2008 5:36:am
fodder: [URL] beer beer beer
17-01-2008 5:19:am

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