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NurFACe : [URL]
28-04-2008 10:00:pm
SCAVENGER1 : Has anyone seen or herd or talked to Operator since mid last year
28-04-2008 9:32:pm
SCAVENGER1 : fucking test
28-04-2008 8:54:pm
KeySeRSoSe :
28-04-2008 7:54:pm
SeMPeRFi : our ip changed today and we dont have it either. it is being looked into.
28-04-2008 6:56:pm
BIG : dam....grumpy
28-04-2008 6:31:pm
KeySeRSoSe : guess if u don't have an edit button then don't fuck up then.
28-04-2008 5:57:pm
Salvo : nothing in IE either, thought it may have just been FF
28-04-2008 12:39:pm
Salvo : damn it I hate it when he is right, no edit button for me either.
28-04-2008 12:35:pm
Salvo : test
28-04-2008 12:35:pm
kangol : It's realy not that big of a deal bro..lmao
28-04-2008 10:43:am
SCAVENGER1 : well i do have a thread started now in the forums. go check it out and vote. lol a poll to vote on
28-04-2008 10:35:am
kangol : I don't have an edit button either.
28-04-2008 10:21:am
SCAVENGER1 : lol semp your the noob here, if i wasnt login i would not be able to post in the shout box at all. also i did have the edit and delete in the shout history,last wk but now it is gone, not there any more. you want me to take a screen shot of it and start a thread on this or what ???
28-04-2008 8:31:am
athena : uhhhh, nothing, i can edit my shit wanka! I think y'all noobs need to maybe recheck that one
28-04-2008 2:27:am
KeySeRSoSe : Kewl Here!
28-04-2008 2:26:am
SeMPeRFi : I can edit my shouts just fine nubs. Are you logged in?
28-04-2008 2:26:am
SCAVENGER1 : WTF!!?? now i see what you mean Fodder! about the shout box and not being able to edit your shout box post! Keys what did you do to mess that up?
27-04-2008 2:12:pm
SCAVENGER1 : more newer and more improved hax!!!!
27-04-2008 11:01:am
BIG : wut strikes they show you a new way to perform the anel prob
27-04-2008 3:05:am
kangol : Hey Strikez...good to hear from ya bud.
26-04-2008 8:21:pm
Strikez : Stopped in to say Hi I am still around. Had to go away for a month for training. Hope to be joining you for some games in the next few days
26-04-2008 10:06:am
fodder : ya that is were i was sure i remember see'ing it but, its no longer their on my screen
26-04-2008 12:22:am
SCAVENGER1 : lol fodder!! just click on the Shout History and there you will find it
25-04-2008 10:50:pm
fodder : ...........spins around in circles wondering....what happened to the edit button, i coulda swore their was an edit button on the shout box at one point and time..... says sorry to kangol and laughs at himself
25-04-2008 7:22:pm
fodder : [URL] = another death in the community, ....takes his hat off and mourns the loss.
25-04-2008 7:20:pm
fodder : <-------------- points to the edit button for (thinks to himself...maybe u cant edit urls) haha
25-04-2008 7:20:pm
kangol : Don't know how a URL got insterted in there, but it wasn't intednded..sorry
25-04-2008 6:44:pm
kangol : Who is Snipes? [URL] far as I know, this person hasn't even posted on the site yet.
25-04-2008 6:43:pm
SCAVENGER1 : m8 you are just not right just not right
25-04-2008 2:43:pm
m8_ : Japanese gameshow LOL, [URL] , [URL]
25-04-2008 2:09:pm
SCAVENGER1 : to bad i did not read the shout box before i talk to beffy. since that what he told me that you did face. or he read it and then told me lol
25-04-2008 10:38:am
SCAVENGER1: well i know that now Face. got it installed. hell even found a good site for RVS patch that are 64 bit freindly :)
24-04-2008 11:00:pm
athena: Congrats Snipes!!!!
24-04-2008 10:13:pm
BopChizzle: damn damn that scavyN00b
24-04-2008 9:44:pm
NurFACe: scave, you can run 32 bit application on 64bit system. I have gsc on my 64bit vista.
24-04-2008 6:31:pm
SCAVENGER1: same as classic server
24-04-2008 5:41:pm
BIG: wuts the ip scav
24-04-2008 5:32:pm
SCAVENGER1: doh!! forgot that GSC doesn't support 64bit version yet. so i will be using teamspeak and xfire till they get it for the 64bit system
24-04-2008 5:19:pm
BIG: hooray...
24-04-2008 2:01:pm
SeMPeRFi: Please welcome our newest member [RLC]*Snipes*
24-04-2008 12:36:pm
wolfman: u got it, i'll bring the pipes, u bring robbie's nobbie if he dont show ur taost. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOWL
23-04-2008 5:16:pm
Interval: i'm calling you out wolfman, fri night pistols server . . be there whoooraw
22-04-2008 9:50:pm
Salvo: Fodd, it sounds like it is not completely WEED, sounds like it is herb alternative! If you read closely between the lines it is either just Herbs mixes, or they are getting away with it (FOR NOW) by just calling it Herbs and not POT!
20-04-2008 8:40:pm
BIG: wut the hell are you talking about fodder...lmao
20-04-2008 8:23:pm
KeySeRSoSe: [URL]
20-04-2008 5:49:pm
fodder: with no connection in portland it looks tempting but i still feel like that would put up all kida red flags to the law/government ,, how do they call it leagal i would imagin is if you had a doctors perscription
20-04-2008 4:04:pm
BIG: 420!!!!!!!!!!!!
20-04-2008 11:38:am
malicious: [URL] Happy 420 fella's (thru a cloud of smoke) [URL]
20-04-2008 10:39:am
SCAVENGER1: well wonder were yalls been at tonight me i end up taking the Olds for trip around the block. man i do not want to keep her park for the yr thats for sure, but i may have to still
19-04-2008 11:36:pm

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