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SCAVENGER1 : so Semp if you want me to take over hosting TS let me know since i can do it now. if you want me to, or other wise you can keep it to host for and ill just be the back up like in the past.
14-10-08 5:38pm
NurFACe : Nice RED, Team work.
13-10-08 9:38pm
RedKetchup : Hey Nurf i got you a video im sure youll love [URL]
13-10-08 4:44pm
kangol : lol
10-10-08 3:29pm
Interval : roflmao scavy
09-10-08 5:40pm
08-10-08 9:45pm
SCAVENGER1 : Kango i am having Modem troubles, well that is what Comcrap is now trying to make me believe in is causing me this trouble...
08-10-08 1:32pm
kangol : I've gone through 3
08-10-08 10:37am
kangol : I use a Lynksys Wireless router that I got from gettig DSL like 3 years ago....but ya, they usually need to be replaced after 1 - 2 years
08-10-08 10:36am
SCAVENGER1 : i like that 1 fodder it does fit \
07-10-08 10:06pm
SCAVENGER1 : i see that the Spam Button works!! aka Fodder ... well for the comcrap tech that was at my house today. it could be that my Linksys modem is taking a shit. i guess they are not made to run past 2 1/2ys uh?
07-10-08 9:42pm
fodder : [URL] scav this ones for you
07-10-08 9:11pm
fodder : [URL] slow to start but awsome once it gets going
07-10-08 8:55pm
fodder : [URL] lol
07-10-08 8:45pm
fodder : [URL]
07-10-08 8:34pm
fodder : [URL]
07-10-08 8:34pm
fodder : [URL]
07-10-08 8:33pm
fodder : [URL]
07-10-08 8:30pm
SCAVENGER1 : well LMMFAO my neighbor came over and ask if im having troulbe with my internet ? i said hell yes i am and told him to call comcrap and let them know what your troubles are. i told him that they will give him a line of bull shit and to try this and that. but in the end it is there shit that is fucked up!!
06-10-08 3:15pm
SeMPeRFi : Port : 4136
05-10-08 6:50pm
05-10-08 6:28pm
SCAVENGER1 : well in case anyone wants to and if you still have it ( GSC chat/voice program i have 1 made up till i get my net troubles figured out. also i know some dont like it but i never had a problem with it. to bad the RLC one got deleted :( gsc://join: :8202/
05-10-08 10:38am
fodder : lol scav, if you click the history button and look at my posts on the page their are 5 including this one, and you have how many??............... .......23
05-10-08 10:13am
SCAVENGER1 : your right fodder, since you are back to spamming the shout box!!
05-10-08 9:19am
fodder : i see the "spam" button is fixed
04-10-08 6:58pm
SCAVENGER1 : oh yeah it is TS... now if i could have gone back and be able to edit mu shout box... this could have been done with out adding more to the shout box logs!!
04-10-08 5:08pm
ninja : my mistake just worked out scavvies spelling YS (TS) is down
04-10-08 3:16pm
ninja : is TS down or is it just my end :(
04-10-08 3:14pm
SCAVENGER1 : so till then the YS and classic server will be down till some one else brings it back up on there end.
04-10-08 11:38am
SCAVENGER1 : well comcrap wants me to run with out my router for 24hrs to see if it is there end or my router that is causing the problem. so i figure might as well try it to see if it does it or not. i am tired of this bull shit just to prove it is on there end. and they Still can not tell me why all this started from last wk when i had no net for a day.
04-10-08 11:37am
SCAVENGER1 : never had this much trouble with insight shit now comcast is getting to be a worse POS ISP
04-10-08 10:39am
SCAVENGER1 : fucking comcast just woke up and my modem need to be power cycled again WTF
04-10-08 10:38am
RedKetchup : Never seen a guy who knows sooo much about PC's have so many problems with them. lol!!! sry Scav just buggin ya
04-10-08 10:21am
SCAVENGER1 : NO fodder fucking comcrap !! my net kept fucking up earlyer today. i had to power cycle my modem 3 times. and when i called they had me power cycle my modem and router. they told me i need to do that to my router mnore often so it does not loose sink with the modem. i think they are just full of shit anyways. ever since lasrt wk when i had no internet for a day. my net has been sluggish ever since then.
03-10-08 9:28pm
fodder : your "SPAM" key broke???
03-10-08 6:35pm
SCAVENGER1 : Please Stand Bye, experiencing technical difficalty
03-10-08 3:00pm
fodder : [URL]
03-10-08 12:58pm
fodder : scav this was poetic [URL]
02-10-08 12:44pm
kangol : Just wanted to leave a shout and let everyone know, I hate Spike Lee. He is a racist fuck.
02-10-08 10:39am
01-10-08 10:26am
SCAVENGER1 : also my net is back up. fucking comcrap!! it was down this morning around 5AM and it is now back up !!
30-09-08 3:33pm
SCAVENGER1 : lol so true so true. but hey it is the US goverenment that dedates what the american people get to see and know. which is why other countrys can see it since they do not get there news filter like we do.'
30-09-08 3:32pm
malicious : Its sad when people half-way around the world can see what is happening more clearly than we [URL]
30-09-08 7:38am
SCAVENGER1 : hey that is why i do it!! just to keep you guessing and bewildered!!
29-09-08 12:11pm
kangol : I like how Scavy ignores the post that crushes his post and changes the subject with a random chick video I don't know what I would do without you Scavy
29-09-08 11:22am
29-09-08 9:01am
SeMPeRFi : [URL]
29-09-08 2:18am
28-09-08 3:04pm
SCAVENGER1 : but if it really would work, wonder if it is true or not
28-09-08 3:11am
SCAVENGER1 : this is insane but man i got to try it [URL]
28-09-08 3:09am

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