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09-02-09 4:29pm
NurFACe : Played a few servers today that had ppl but no tanks so not sure whats up with ours.
08-02-09 11:55am
SeMPeRFi : server is slowing down...i am going back to original settings with ff set to reflect.
08-02-09 1:27am
SeMPeRFi : I will add the cvar checks to pb.
08-02-09 12:55am
kangol : Wasn't cause by 1.2 is an old command used in CoD4 apparently but was later taken out..for some reason Treyarch kept it in ..was just notifying the powers that be cause i hadn't heard about it before today and it would give people a huge advantage over others
08-02-09 12:28am
SCAVENGER1 : well i did gave it a once over and saw what they were chatting about. but i did not go in depth about it though. but yeah i need some more haterade!! im still thristy yet!
08-02-09 12:19am
NurFACe : 1.2 patch isn't the reason for the exploit. Please read article Kangol provided. It's an exploit found in December.
08-02-09 12:00am
SCAVENGER1 : lol i guess they took a page from UBI during a patch 4 RVS that allowed wire frame to be used by anyone in game! lol i forgot which patch it was but this is so remamiss!!
07-02-09 11:47pm
kangol : While reading up on the 1.2 patch to see what map nurf was talking about, I came across a command that is supposed to be an exploit that isn't caught by apparently removes tree's, barrels, cars, etc. ...Pretty much makes it where you have no obstructed view... [URL] ...If this hasn't been added to pb list, please add it..thx
07-02-09 10:41pm
NurFACe : we should add new map to COD WAW server.
07-02-09 7:08pm
NurFACe : Team speak is down. No conspiracy gentlemen.
07-02-09 5:50pm
RedKetchup : TS Down or its just me?
07-02-09 5:13pm
kangol : Strikez already posted a link
07-02-09 12:51pm
SCAVENGER1 : my avg updates just fine. and it says everything is upto date.. hey beefy there is a patch for waw? you got a link for those that want to know? yoJoe! looks good...
07-02-09 12:47pm
kangol : lol, whats next? Tom and Jerry?
07-02-09 12:16pm
NurFACe : GI Joe. [URL]
07-02-09 10:45am
BIG : i think there is a patch out for the waw
07-02-09 9:58am
SCAVENGER1 : well nurf i am fkin thbristy as hell better make it a double
07-02-09 1:04am
06-02-09 11:44pm
SeMPeRFi : Kang I think the bug is in AVG because I havent been able to update mine for a week now.
06-02-09 11:19pm
06-02-09 9:28pm
NurFACe : Scavey got something for your thirst. [URL]
06-02-09 8:32pm
SCAVENGER1 : kango i think beefy end up doing a reformat to get it back. i may be wrong but i think that was what fix it.,.
06-02-09 8:12pm
SCAVENGER1 : yeah11 popy has a patch out lol so now there new hax out 4 it?? lol just say NOOOOOO!!@!!!!1111
06-02-09 8:11pm
kangol : [URL]
06-02-09 6:24pm
kangol : wtf...Where did the url come from? Supposed to say he can't restore his computer or update his virus scanners and Beef said that keys did something, does anyone know what that was?
06-02-09 6:07pm
kangol : Brother has the same virus that Beefy had a while won't let him update his shit or update his virus scanners and he can't restore his [URL] says Keys did something that fixed his comp...anyone happen to know what that is?
06-02-09 5:58pm
NurFACe : Now we need to get our server patched.
06-02-09 4:57pm
Strikez : fast site I downloaded patch in 6 mins here [URL]
06-02-09 2:11pm
RedKetchup : New Patch for CoD WaW fellows 1.2version
06-02-09 1:30pm
NurFACe : 400lb dump [URL]
05-02-09 10:35pm
kangol : Congratulations! You have played Guitar Hero enough to reach 1 million points! You.....are.....FAGS! ..lmao..priceless
05-02-09 6:08pm
kangol : Guitar Hero 3 World Tour is actually a sick game and very addictive....Have Rock Band also, but it kinda sucks.
05-02-09 2:20pm
SCAVENGER1 : ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww he said guitar hero
05-02-09 2:00pm
SeMPeRFi : hey dont knock guitar hero till you try it. I think it's mad fun.
05-02-09 1:32pm
m8_ : For you all Guitar Heros... [URL] [URL] [URL]
05-02-09 1:09pm
SCAVENGER1 : hey beefy ya know we love ya bro! what ya been upto? since you been quite 4 a while?
04-02-09 8:43pm
BIG : i would like to say ,thank you to all my friends thats been there for me .you know who you are ,i love you guys
04-02-09 8:07pm
fodder : [URL]
03-02-09 11:41pm
RedKetchup : Well guess i wont be able to play till saturday my connection is fucked up, but tech should be here sat. morning
03-02-09 8:51pm
Interval : [URL]
03-02-09 4:21pm
Salvo : Check Link.. and I am not telling how I came up with the name LOL! [URL]
03-02-09 8:26am
kangol : Hey Salvo, was watching "Cash Cab" tonight and found out what your name It's latin for "safe" and also a term used to describe an array of open gunshot fire on a field. Thought it was interesting..
02-02-09 11:26pm
SCAVENGER1 : yeah kango needs Wnaka PC tech support
02-02-09 1:42pm
kangol : Hey guys...please check forums
02-02-09 11:50am
NurFACe : Fast & Furious [URL]
01-02-09 10:14pm
SeMPeRFi : [URL] rcon only shows message when you first login. If you make sure it is online when you first join you can kick/ban some1 in less than 5 seconds. The are also console commands for rcon but I haven't had time to learn them.
01-02-09 1:27am
kangol : Wonder how old the rcon thread is
01-02-09 12:27am
SeMPeRFi : That thread is 4 years old
01-02-09 12:12am
kangol : And by "lame", I just mean, rcon takes too long when you are trying to get someone banned before they it spams a message across your screen which can allow a hacker to leave before it happens
31-01-09 7:34pm

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