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SCAVENGER1 : which vid?
05-10-13 11:29pm
RLC-Provin : [URL]
05-10-13 10:16am
RLC-Provin : Man fix the damn page and radio
05-10-13 10:07am
05-07-13 11:39pm
SCAVENGER1 : well fuck !! imgur doesnt do video upload at all WTF now what im gonna do fuck i hate photobucket for fucking not listening to there customers !!!
03-04-13 10:46am
NurFACe : Black ops 2 finally has HC for new dlc
03-01-13 5:28pm
SCAVENGER1 : oh semp that is what you get after you find all 10 mack in skyrim i am using it to just to see if it helps
02-27-13 2:53am
SCAVENGER1 : do like this new host site i have now [URL] just got to get use to it but i cant wait to transfer all my pic from photobucket to there..
02-27-13 2:52am
SCAVENGER1 : wow it is now back up !! ts worling again
02-26-13 10:12pm
SCAVENGER1 : it sucks that i lost the ts server folder when my old pc died and i lost everything on that main drive. wish i would have made a save copy onto my slave drive so we could be back up, but i dont remember if it was ts3 or ts2..
02-26-13 9:45pm
SCAVENGER1 : thanks nurf for the update on the ts status
02-26-13 9:44pm
NurFACe : Gamerserver update: The hardware is now in the process of being moved to its new location. We are expecting up to 24 hours of downtime as we pack up and move the hardware to the new location. We do expect that some services will start to come online Tuesday evening as things are racked and powered up, but please be prepared for a longer downtime, as it will simply depend on how things progress on site. Another update will be provided once work is complete.
02-26-13 7:20pm
NurFACe : teamspeak is down, Gameserver issue:We have detected an outage with your server and are currently working to resolve this issue. During this time, server stops, restarts, and reinstalls are disabled. Server crashes are generally solved within 30 mintues and extended mass outages will be reported via the members area alert system.
02-26-13 7:19pm
Interval : yeh, same here scav
02-26-13 5:47pm
SCAVENGER1 : wierd now i cant log into ts right now... it worked last night or about 5 hrs ago
02-26-13 10:44am
kangol : I know it's been that way for about 9 years, but could my name get changed to KaNGoL. That all lowercase has been driving me crazy since I joined, lol!
02-21-13 10:01pm
kangol : I'm still around.
02-21-13 9:59pm
NurFACe : Rlc check in. Status alive and kicking.
02-15-13 5:48pm
kangol : Oh you know, me making a reference to an old SNL skit with Christopher Walken and Scavy, thinking it was an insult, threw feces. So in short, the usual!
01-29-13 4:30pm
Interval : smells like feces and cowballs in here, wtf ya'll been up to
01-23-13 5:50pm
SCAVENGER1 : i do? then let me try yours out then kango
01-11-13 1:07am
kangol : Sounds like you need more cowbell!
01-10-13 10:31pm
SCAVENGER1 : Semp can you give me a call soon as you see this? i got a problem... a mouse problem
01-07-13 10:15am
NurFACe : Sup Delicious=Malicious, glad all is well. Busy is a good thing just means you are paying attention to life.
01-03-13 11:25pm
01-03-13 5:06pm
malicious : Sup Fella's? Life has been busy, just wanted to stop in and say Hey, didn't want anyone thinking I snatched by the creepy guy in the cargo van. He is my friend.
01-03-13 4:06pm
SCAVENGER1 : Merry Christmas all
12-25-12 4:10pm
SCAVENGER1 : 1st snow of the winter and we are getting alot so far since it started not even 2 hrs ago
12-19-12 11:14pm
SCAVENGER1 : log into xfire and wow it is sure dead and everyone havent log in for over a yr lol
12-02-12 2:19am
Strikez : [URL] BLOPS LAG
12-01-12 3:10am
SCAVENGER1 : happy thanks giving day all
11-22-12 9:28pm
SCAVENGER1 : lol int you sounded and look really mad that was all you got in that box uh ??
11-19-12 10:08pm
Interval : haha [URL]
11-19-12 7:13pm
SCAVENGER1 : interval that is your own problem! dont try and confused it to someone else.. beside i dont care for twinkies anyways
11-17-12 11:07pm
Interval : with hostess out of business, what will scavy fuck if there are no twinkies?
11-17-12 6:28pm
SCAVENGER1 : semp do you still have that txt file on the tweaks for XP yet? i seem to have lost my copy and hard copy of it. was wondering if i can get a dl for it??
11-17-12 2:02pm
SCAVENGER1 : Semp soz for the early/late txt i sent ya but i was freaking out a tad bit, but figured it out, dam optical wasnt working but now it is and win7 is installing
11-13-12 6:45am
SCAVENGER1 : so you enjoying it so far int ?? lol
11-12-12 10:27pm
Interval : Downloading now, ill let ya'll know how it is [URL]
11-12-12 3:01pm
SCAVENGER1 : FFS never notice till now on my old pc which has miscrosoft esent on it this process runs and my cpu usage is like dam near 100% no wonder it lags like a mofo [URL]
11-11-12 4:05pm
SCAVENGER1 : well iguess we are going to have to be Muslims andsuch and be prepared to remove the American flag cause omaba doesnt show it let alone patriotic at all.
11-07-12 3:17pm
SCAVENGER1 : and int take the the lead on cryier of the yr !!!
11-06-12 3:56pm
Interval : why dontcha cry about it... whine fest 2012...
11-05-12 7:49pm
SCAVENGER1 : we just at the EA forum and so far a lot of people are fed up with this lack of steering in the game and it is not just pc as i thought a few consolers posted on my thread and they to are having the same problems. man i am so glad i didnt sheel out 60 for this POS !
11-03-12 5:07pm
SCAVENGER1 : same here kangol but i have played it or more like crashing in it!! lol it is hard to drive when the game dont want to keep up with the input of the controller!! but i just won a momo wheel on ebay so by the end of next wk ill see if that changes anything.. i sure hope so
11-03-12 4:54pm
kangol : Got that game for free. Haven't played it yet
11-02-12 5:17pm
SCAVENGER1 : new most wanted is cool but the pisspoor stearing responce it has suck just like the last 4 NFS and so far there is no way of tighting the tsearing up!!
11-02-12 1:28pm
SCAVENGER1 : wow the new remake of Most Wanted NFS !! [URL]
11-01-12 11:26am
SCAVENGER1 : all i can say about this VS239H LED 23" IPS monitor is OMG !!!
11-01-12 8:47am
SCAVENGER1 : good tune to BL2 [URL]
10-23-12 10:04pm

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