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BIG : shuda got a dell .....hehe
30-03-09 7:28pm
30-03-09 3:11pm
kangol : Ya, Scav ...mine died this morning too's a conspiracy!
30-03-09 1:20pm
SCAVENGER1 : OMFG!! someone take my fkn bad luck from me!! fkn hell!! my Acer just died!! the 22" LCD WTF!!! bad enought the RMA GTX285 comes in DOA !!!
30-03-09 1:14pm
kangol : Now I know what happend to your back...Monkey Spanker!
30-03-09 2:09am
30-03-09 12:25am
29-03-09 1:01pm
kangol : [URL]
29-03-09 12:29pm
Interval : [URL]
29-03-09 10:43am
Interval : you set off the nuke, didnt you scav? lol i know i did!!
29-03-09 10:41am
29-03-09 2:03am
SCAVENGER1 : my new drug for a while [URL]
29-03-09 12:30am
29-03-09 12:16am
28-03-09 10:54pm
Interval : lol, that sucks scav... it was like 55% here today wicked nice!
28-03-09 8:38pm
SCAVENGER1 : Yeah!! its SnOwInG!!! now and suppossed to get several inches of it threw the night.
28-03-09 5:38pm
ninja : Whoops :)
28-03-09 4:26pm
NurFACe : Ninja, I had granted you registration access but you left before I could let you know.
28-03-09 3:52pm
ninja : Probs with TS my user name and password don't work on registered
28-03-09 1:11pm
jr_beef : was up RLC famz
28-03-09 11:50am
kangol : lol
28-03-09 11:29am
28-03-09 11:19am
Interval : roflma fodder!!!!
28-03-09 10:33am
fodder : [URL]
28-03-09 10:12am
SeMPeRFi : [URL]
28-03-09 2:37am
SCAVENGER1 : so Int are you going to start a new user name here then or what? lol you wanka!! and Dayum dude !!. big Thank You for the Big Funds you just drop for the RLC . i dont care what fodder thinks of you! your all right in my book Int
27-03-09 8:24pm
Interval : Got Balls? [URL]
27-03-09 6:16pm
Interval : "No reach around required" ah kang you crack me up dog!
27-03-09 5:19pm
Interval : Holy shit, wtf went on while I was at work??lol... Keys, your the man, I understand all to well about balancing "real life" with fun and all the respect to you, didn't know what was going on in your life(just figured something was up cause I havent seen you around...not that I've been around latley anways) I do know that moneys been tight for everyone, but since I got a job offer yeterday to get more$$ doing the same job that I do I'd figure I'd share the wealth and help out(its the only way I guess I feel that I can "do my part" for a clan that I love...dont cry you bitches lmao) check the donatometer) RLC fo Life Scaverval out
27-03-09 5:15pm
SCAVENGER1 : kango i am behind you on that 1 to. i know we have been threw this before lol. but yes translation via text on Internet is not all ways the same in person. i know i am still trying to learn/understand the English language yet. hell i cant even get my own figure out yet!! & beefy maybe it would help ;) grabs the 1st ticket, dam ticket #1 aw man i hope it goes over quick!!
27-03-09 4:52pm
BIG : do i need to star handing out ass whippins
27-03-09 3:27pm
kangol : Just remember that sarcasm and jokes don't always translate well through text. A lesson I am still learning
27-03-09 2:32pm
SCAVENGER1 : well keys it was ment as a jk but i gues it got out of context over all. since we both do stuff that has been on a volunteer basic from the start. asi now have in my sig a kind of I am Sorry to you. and yeah i know everyone has a life other then sitting in front of there pc. unlike me which i no longer have a dam choice in the matter now. so i am stuck and now thrown to the bottom of the shit hole of life beause of it. since i no longer can hold a job at all. even the some what easy job i had for well over 12yrs i no loger can go back and this June it will get worst for me. but hey i made my bed so i have to sleep it. and no one else. but i do try to keep on a happy note if possible. if you can understand my broken SCAVY language
27-03-09 2:21pm
kangol : Damn you Scavy! Why?!
27-03-09 2:04pm
fodder : laughs at kangol.... feels his remorse and has to laugh a little. gives scavy another swift kick in the arse for keys.
27-03-09 1:54pm
kangol : Really missing that edit button right now..lmfao
27-03-09 1:49pm
kangol : I understand where your coming from Keys, I really do bro. I am no longer an "every day'er" myself, due to kids, etc. Again, I didn't know about all that shit that went down, so when I read the post that seemed to come from no where, I was like, "WTF". Thought I was defending a victim, but turns out I was being a dumbass
27-03-09 1:47pm
kangol : Apparent;y alot happened yesterday while I was gone
27-03-09 1:44pm
kangol : <---- Embarrassed
27-03-09 1:42pm
kangol : Didn't know about all that behind the scene shit, I respectfully apologize and consider this yet another , "Kangol's foot in his mouth" situation...I just saw what was said in shoutbox and thought Scav was being misunderstood....agai n..I am sorry.
27-03-09 1:42pm
KeySeRSoSe : Ur right kang, i did throw him under the bus for saying i owe him for hosting, the thread i made last night was to circumvent the issue with sigs so that they can be updated with new info, i have access to the site from work and would be able to monitor it frequently. he posted the update and i completed it, he then posted that he wanted the *Scavenger1* moved to the bottom of his sig with a bigger pic, i told him "fuck u, the first one is free, each additional change is $1 paypal. his response was that i owed him for hosting OUR servers. i deleted the entire post and told him why here in the shoutbox. I have tried to address errors and problems with the site AROUND my REAL life, and yes i have made REAL friend through this clan. There are several everyday'ers just like i used to be before my life got literally turned upside-down. Now i don't have the luxury of sitting on my ass all day playing with my friends online. take it how you want, i'm just sick of ungreatfullness from others when you know i'm here to help. that's my piece... Keys Out.
27-03-09 1:27pm
kangol : Don't mean to be so rude about it, but I just think some of those comments were innappropriate and uncalled for, unless there was something going on that I am not aware of...
27-03-09 1:25pm
kangol : I'm really not seeing what Scav said to warrant having the fact that his internet was paid for by a member thrown in his face.... Looked to me that he was just messing around. I think someone's on the rag. And to be honest Keys, there is a ton of shit on this site not working properly, so I don't see what the hell you've been doing anyhow to be throwing it in his face. You may have shit going on in your life that sucks, but don't take it out on people that are actually here on a daily basis.
27-03-09 1:09pm
SCAVENGER1 : well key as for the memeber that did help me out for a few months. it was USR , and i did thank him for helping me out to.for sending me $20 amonth ofr 4 or 5 months. then i got a deal threw comcrap so now i can keep it going on my own. but not sure why you got upset and then delete your topic and then did what you did. i guess must be a bad day or what. every1 gets those i know. been there done that
27-03-09 10:29am
fodder : gives scav a swift kick in da ass
27-03-09 10:21am
SCAVENGER1 : well keys you went and got all but hurt over now did ya? i never have ask about money till you did though. even thou it was in a jk manor but i guess that doesnt mean much now does it
27-03-09 10:12am
KeySeRSoSe : Ur right scav i owe u for hosting our servers on your equipment on the connection that you pay for...... well kind of pay for but not really since several of our members have kept you online by footing the bill. & the work i do on the site and the servers doesn't matter because if volunteer to do it. i'll just wait to get that check in the mail before i work on this site again since its more like a job when people demand things. thanks
27-03-09 9:22am
fodder : [URL]
27-03-09 1:34am
27-03-09 1:29am
kangol : Smoke weed everyday, I don't give a FUCK!
27-03-09 1:05am

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