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BIG : MJ was a pervert and im bein NICE
27-06-09 3:12pm
m8_ : Nurface, I agree, but I think if you dont have anything nice to say, say nothing at all...
27-06-09 2:01pm
BIG : lol
26-06-09 10:09pm
26-06-09 10:00pm
athena : What's up beotches?!!!
26-06-09 9:21pm
26-06-09 9:03pm
Salvo : Oh boy it starts again!
26-06-09 8:53pm
BIG : thrs no room after scav gets done
26-06-09 8:35pm
NurFACe : I think people have the choice to mention what ever they like in shout box.
26-06-09 7:52pm
SCAVENGER1 : very surprised that no one even mention her passing in the shout box since she was a lot sexier then MJ was beside i was more of Charlies angles then anything MJ ever did anyways. i didnt get into his style of music anyways. i prefer the eye candy of a blonde any day
26-06-09 1:42pm
SCAVENGER1 : dont forget that Farrah Fawcett also died as well on the same day but in the morning. [URL]
26-06-09 1:38pm
BIG : my tribute to MJ [URL]
25-06-09 11:58pm
25-06-09 8:33pm
BIG : then you a asslicker
25-06-09 7:41pm
Salvo : What if I want to have CLR ???
25-06-09 7:36pm
m8_ : RIP MJ
25-06-09 7:08pm
25-06-09 2:23am
BIG : all RLC going to play AA3 game tag should read [RLC]*YouRNaMe* old skool bitoches
24-06-09 10:33pm
BIG : another patch for aa3
24-06-09 9:58pm
Salvo : As far as the same files, I used the ones that semp DL from OS site and actually loaded them local on my gamming rig and server, it would launch the map then go into some loop error and resart the server, so in other words maps is totatly hosed!
24-06-09 6:54pm
SCAVENGER1 : well i may be on the site but if im not in xfire that maybe cause im on the server checking mail and the server and TS to make sure they are up. i dont all ways fire up my main rig all the time. i was on last night and played some RVS and i saw what ya mean about that map screwed and the server refuesed toi send. it gets about 23% and give you that eror. i wonder if it doesnt have the save file as i have. ill have to send it to semp so he can up load it since i was sent a 3rd revision of the map last wk .or we could just forget about it over all to. it might be a map that is fubared to
24-06-09 10:37am
Interval : So, whos sleeping on the couch?
24-06-09 5:55am
Salvo : What I mean is your almost always running xfire, but here lateley I havent seen you on, but I did see you on the site but not xfire, so I knew you were at your desk LOL! Just thought you were ducking me LOL!
24-06-09 5:02am
SCAVENGER1 : Salvo what do you mean if i am running xfire? right now i am since i am playing RVS. and No i didnt block you, uhm thats a thought!! lol but i just removed that map from the elite server just now.
24-06-09 1:20am
NurFACe : Athena, he is logic behind where DEA agents are expected to perform their duties. [URL]
23-06-09 7:30pm
Salvo : btw, why are you not runing xfire scav? or did you just block me?
23-06-09 6:56pm
Salvo : Scav, had ro remove RLC_Screwed from your server, the rediect wont send the file, Semp and I are going to try to fix it, so just make sure you copy your server.ini to your servercoop.ini
23-06-09 6:54pm
athena : [URL] I guess I'm naive. How the f could you force someone to make this choice.
22-06-09 11:27pm
SCAVENGER1 : Sorry had some tenical difficalty going on the server box, not sure why but something about "Filter Keys" were on ?? which i had no idea what the hell they are or how to turn them [URL] that when i want it to reboot it didnt want to and when it finally did it ask for a pass word uhm that should have been automatic login. but now it seems to be ok right now. not sure if what happen earlier had anything to do with this or not but TS and Elite back online
22-06-09 8:53pm
Interval : oh nevermind... back up w/ the quickness ::applause::
22-06-09 8:48pm
Interval : TS is down!!!!
22-06-09 8:44pm
SCAVENGER1 : its s good thing i dont use those for a login name them uh guess i use my head for then just a hat rack uh
22-06-09 3:27pm
KeySeRSoSe : Also deleted about 15 howard accounts and any other duplicate accounts i saw so if ur login doesn't work, that's why
22-06-09 2:47pm
KeySeRSoSe : I Deleted all the ASCII character logins "K륧" so anyone who's login doesn't work, hit up someone in Xfire to creat ur new one. DONT USE ASCII!!!!
22-06-09 1:35pm
SCAVENGER1 : All clan memeber please relogin into Teamspeak we got hack last night/this morning if you could please and any one else that is friend to please need to see a SA CA in teamspeak if you need to be registered in our teamspeak server, thank you.
22-06-09 1:22pm
SCAVENGER1 : SCAVENGER1 was here well that sure does work, well KangoL ya done us proud where ever you are..
22-06-09 1:11pm
SCAVENGER1 : well beefy i was being nice
22-06-09 1:07pm
BIG : echo
22-06-09 1:04pm
SCAVENGER1 : Thanks Howy for the $20 donation!! Aflak!!!
22-06-09 12:59pm
KeySeRSoSe : Thanks for the 20 Spot AFFFLAAAAAAK!!!
22-06-09 12:43pm
SCAVENGER1 : its done
22-06-09 11:54am
KeySeRSoSe : so it looks like TS got hacked, restore a backup when u get a second scabby.
22-06-09 10:43am
SeMPeRFi : zulu server will be making a comeback next month sometime
22-06-09 12:47am
SCAVENGER1 : Thank you Keys
21-06-09 11:27pm
KeySeRSoSe : Stats links fixed
21-06-09 10:51pm
SCAVENGER1 : Kangol * dam i miss my edit shout box thingy..
21-06-09 8:12pm
SCAVENGER1 : Salvo you may need to translate my last post since Kngol is not around yet or wont be around for a few months yet. remember he is moving.
21-06-09 8:11pm
athena : Happy Father's Day you guys! Love Ya!
21-06-09 2:14pm
BIG : happy fathers day to all RLC fathers
21-06-09 12:32pm
Salvo : Hey one more thing on this, Keys, can we get the links on the bottom left going to the new stats? THANKS!
21-06-09 9:15am

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