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SCAVENGER1 : Keys dont you mean there user name that they use to sign in to TS with there pass words those names? and nort what we see in TS. just so that those 2 that will login or try to login tonight and find out that they cant cause they have been removed. 1st intails are W and S so the 2 that have these 1st letter in there name that cant sing into TS you know who you are then. when you see me get with me. or Keys for the SA after someone else gets you register up again. and remember only use a name like wolfman or salvo ok
10-07-09 4:37pm
BIG : asshat lmao
10-07-09 11:55am
KeySeRSoSe : For the ASSHATS that are still using ASCII for their TS names, those accounts have been deleted (again) please register with a username that is PLAIN FUCKING TEXT! That is all!
10-07-09 9:24am
SCAVENGER1 : cause your gonna need your mought open as far as it has ever been in your life buddE!!
09-07-09 10:14pm
SCAVENGER1 : well beefy they say your the biggest so open wide big boi!!!!
09-07-09 10:14pm
09-07-09 8:43pm
BIG : your mouth...hehe
09-07-09 8:43pm
SCAVENGER1 : so whats next to try out Keys
09-07-09 4:08pm
SCAVENGER1 : also i was trying to down load a update and the hole dam app crash so yeah fuck that dam thing. hell GSC work better then that dam thing did
08-07-09 2:51pm
KeySeRSoSe : 64-bit OS not suppoted in-game, WTF else would i want their damn software for!!! "PlayExpert IN GAME" !!!! FUCK THAT SHIT!
08-07-09 1:31pm
SCAVENGER1 : dam PLAYXPERT will log you off of xfire when you use them to use xfire and then the fancy letter dont work. then you have no dam idea who you chatting to rofl!! but i guess i need to play and see if i can search the net and play as well
08-07-09 1:05pm
SCAVENGER1 : well i add the xfire plug or what ever you call it. but it doesnt like the fancy letters we use. also if your in vista and or 64bit it doesnt like it either. and it wont work in game well either to.but it says they are working on it. so it does let you do just about anything with it. like search the net and shit with it while your ingame. i havent played yet. im still working on it yet
08-07-09 12:57pm
SCAVENGER1 : yeah yeah toosser login into it now!!
08-07-09 12:46pm
KeySeRSoSe : Multi-Chat including X-fire, damn, i think i might test it too!!!
08-07-09 10:39am
KeySeRSoSe : looks like it may be worth it for TS widget alone since u can't tab out of some games.
08-07-09 10:36am
KeySeRSoSe : [URL] test that scabby and let us know.
08-07-09 10:33am
malicious : [URL]
07-07-09 5:10pm
07-07-09 2:48pm
KeySeRSoSe : If u could suck ur own dick, u would be ur own boss right???
07-07-09 8:35am
07-07-09 12:18am
SeMPeRFi : shoutbox broke the link.
05-07-09 1:46am
Interval : roflmao @ semps avatar... ahahahaha
04-07-09 9:41pm
NurFACe : I just form my opinion off resources that provide a lot more insight than [URL]
04-07-09 9:26pm
NurFACe : Got alert oops! This link appears to be broken. I use OpenDNS.
04-07-09 9:19pm
SeMPeRFi : LOL ok mr. chrome user, take a stroll over to serials [URL] and you will get hit with a virus.
04-07-09 8:40pm
NurFACe : I think in exploits when term of browser security. [URL]
04-07-09 5:04pm
SeMPeRFi : adblock alone makes FF more secure than the others.
04-07-09 2:59pm
SCAVENGER1 : i know there was an exploit in FF just last wk or so. i think i posted a fix for it somthing that M$ did in a M$ update but got found out and some1 figure out a quick fix for it. i posted here in the shout box and or the forum for the how to fix it. but as for whats more scure im not sure my self. but FF is more easier for me to use ,but if i use a different 1 it would be safari hands down.
04-07-09 2:23pm
NurFACe : I care about security but if you're suggestin firefox is more secure than any other sure like to know what that is based off of.
04-07-09 1:55pm
KeySeRSoSe : true if u don't care about security of ur browser.
04-07-09 12:20pm
SCAVENGER1 : well were saying that it is faster then it was before Nurf not that its the fastest then them all
04-07-09 11:33am
NurFACe : hate to bear bad news but firefox still not as fast as chrome and safari. [URL]
03-07-09 10:55pm
SCAVENGER1 : yes it is keys, nd thanks for the heads up and linkie!!
03-07-09 12:21am
KeySeRSoSe : DAMN FF3.5 is FAAAAST!!!! woot! [URL]
02-07-09 11:59pm
SCAVENGER1 : sound great Malicious glad you got help out and back online .. congrats on the new system
30-06-09 1:50am
malicious : My new RIG is AWESOME.....Thanks a MILLION to all my brothers in the RLC....You guys KICK ASS...And special Thanks To My Brother From Another Mother, "Keys". You never cease to amaze me.
29-06-09 10:24pm
28-06-09 11:13pm
28-06-09 10:57pm
28-06-09 10:57pm
SCAVENGER1 : wow Billy Mayes from the oxi clean comercails is dead today wowser!!
28-06-09 10:49pm
SCAVENGER1 : dam this kodak cx7530 eats AA battery more then i can slam Dew !! even if i dont use the dam thing!! wish i new why it does that? well car is all wax up for the yr now. time for some pic, wish i had good plates for it so i could go out to the park for some real good pic.
28-06-09 4:28pm
SCAVENGER1 : well took a few laps around the block all seem good so far, and now on to do some major cleaning on the Olds which is need badley !! the 1st 6 gallon of fuel only took it to the 1st line past empty!! lol then the other 6 gallons to the 1/2 tank so 12 gallons of fuel is 1/2 WOW the new sump works and adds another 4gallons to my gas tank now. before the old sump the fuel pump would not even pull fuel out of the gas tank below 1/2 tank
28-06-09 3:17pm
28-06-09 3:14pm
NurFACe : Press Hop. [URL]
28-06-09 1:22am
NurFACe : I think the point m8 is making is not something all of us want representing us. I don't see any value in comment either. Some I guess have nothing better to do.
28-06-09 1:19am
SCAVENGER1 : well i think we need a pause for the cause so here it goes take a look at the 1st few pics from my link wankas!! [URL] i am getting very close to driving once again!!!
28-06-09 12:42am
BIG : yeah and it dont matter if your black or
27-06-09 11:13pm
SeMPeRFi : M8 you know nobody is safe from torment here.
27-06-09 7:03pm
m8_ : Show some respect for the dead assholes....he has done so much for the mancind, much more then we will ever do.....
27-06-09 4:18pm
BIG : MessageQ: What do Michael Jackson and an xbox have in common? A: Both get turned on by kids!!!
27-06-09 3:15pm

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