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NurFACe : TS is back up and running!
11-12-14 7:31pm
NurFACe : Team speak down: Game server is working on issue. We have detected an outage with your server and are currently working to resolve this issue. During this time, server stops, restarts, and reinstalls are disabled. Server crashes are generally solved within 30 minutes and extended mass outages will be reported via the members area alert system
11-12-14 7:28pm
NurFACe : Columbus Ohio, host gaming tournaments. [URL]
10-26-14 6:58pm
NurFACe : Details are as follow for link. I was banned from COD Ghost no explanation given by Activision. I can assure everyone that reads this I DON"T CHEAT!
09-23-14 3:51pm
NurFACe : Calling clan mates please post in forum link HERE [URL]
09-23-14 3:42pm
Interval : I vote for guns and bewbs, Semp
09-18-14 7:15pm
SCAVENGER1 : here is a vid of mine from defiance game it is 1 of the arkfall boss fights some of these can go on for an hr or so depending on who is there and how many [URL]
08-30-14 5:44pm
SCAVENGER1 : sounds good, not sure what with though, and it is long in the making for sure
08-29-14 4:02am
SeMPeRFi : RLC is 10 years old next summer! With a new R6 game coming out to celebrate I am thinking of upgrading the site to a newer Rainbow Six theme. Any questions?
08-28-14 8:36pm
SCAVENGER1 : been playing Defiance so far not to bad got a lot of stuff you can do in it as well beside it is free now
08-14-14 3:43am
SCAVENGER1 : strikes i was getting email stating i wanted to change my password and i never did that so i had to ask to change password and then give a new passward and since doing that it hasnt ask to change password at least so far
07-31-14 2:36pm
Strikez : nope I would just try to login into origin and not respond via the email.
07-31-14 9:57am
SCAVENGER1 : WTF my origin pasword has been changed?? anyone else get email stating you asking to change password??
07-17-14 12:35am
Interval : Bah.. no PC
07-13-14 5:45pm
Interval : [URL]
07-13-14 5:40pm
Interval : Looks fun [URL]
07-13-14 5:40pm
SeMPeRFi : R6 Seige [URL]
07-07-14 9:56am
SCAVENGER1 : anyone check out this new free to play fps? called warface [URL]
07-02-14 12:20am
SCAVENGER1 : hey Int i found a youtube video on how to set up a server for arma 3 [URL] and i guess that the steam function to join is still broke lol
06-24-14 7:08pm
SCAVENGER1 : well fuk !! arma 3 downloading....
06-24-14 4:17pm
SCAVENGER1 : figures steam has ARMA 3 50% so its 29.99 now..
06-24-14 1:14am
Interval : yeh.. don't know where that url cam from.. wtf... back when
06-12-14 7:31pm
Interval : Just got vegas 1 on uplay for $2.50..e3 thing or what not.. lost my copy back [URL] love the game, i'll be hooked for a bit
06-12-14 7:30pm
06-08-14 11:11pm
Interval : [URL]
06-08-14 3:18pm
SCAVENGER1 : yeah cod sp was ok but i wish i torrent it now, but yeah titanfall was cool and all but there again getting enough of us on at 1 time is /was the trick to make it more fun. im back to playing fallen gerth and world of tanks and not much of anything maybe bl2 but im bored with it as well, since there no one to team up with and just roll threw it.
06-04-14 10:21pm
SeMPeRFi : IMO there isnt much worth playing these days. COD is shit, BF still runs like shit, and any hope of a decent R6 game went out the window with Vegass 2. Titanfall was decent but not enough members have the game to play as a clan, and I'm burnt out on it anyway.
06-04-14 10:16am
SCAVENGER1 : i remember vegas 1 and with a few tweaks it looked great, havent played since we all played as a clan
06-02-14 3:06pm
NurFACe : Interval, Redketchup, and I played Vegas 1st one while everyone had moved on. Good game part 2 sucked unfortunately.
06-02-14 8:47am
Interval : herd
06-01-14 8:38pm
NurFACe : Call of duty wasn't issue with where everyone went. Seeing only like 3 of us play it.
06-01-14 4:38pm
Interval : oh yeh.. it was call of poopy that took it;s turn...
05-08-14 9:34pm
Interval : and the wheels on the bus go round and round... bump bump.. where is the RLC love that i miss.. bump bump
05-08-14 9:33pm
SCAVENGER1 : anyone see this on steam for free to play Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms ?
04-10-14 4:20pm
SCAVENGER1 : some times
03-30-14 10:19pm
dkbrown02 : anyone on?
03-30-14 6:12pm
SCAVENGER1 : dont have it int
03-30-14 2:06pm
Interval : Anybody got Arma3?.. coop anyone?
03-30-14 1:01pm
SCAVENGER1 : notice ts was down not to soon after i log out late last night
03-27-14 3:07pm
BIG : teamspeak down ?
03-27-14 12:16pm
SCAVENGER1 : $39.96 for the premium for BF4 [URL]
03-02-14 12:56am
SCAVENGER1 : holy shit gamersgate has BG4 just under $30 right now !! figure the month i cant ewven pay my monthly bills they put this on sale !! [URL]
02-24-14 11:09pm
SCAVENGER1 : i got a titanfall beta key, who else got one?
02-15-14 5:49pm
SCAVENGER1 : holy shit the snow is coming down heavy and its sure is windy as well. some roads are bieng closed cause of drifting snow
01-30-14 12:19pm
NurFACe : Clan Wars has begun so if you interested join in
01-29-14 6:47pm
SCAVENGER1 : finally the site loads up.. was gettin scared that it wasnt here anymore :(
01-09-14 2:35am
NurFACe : Lets also nab NON HC KC as well. Play it safe and add more cp to our early lead.
01-02-14 12:12am
NurFACe : Update if we continue holding HC DOM, HC KC, DOM and S&D we should win another clan war. Keep up good work team.
01-02-14 12:10am
NurFACe : we have captured HC Dom and HC KC, and S&D.
01-01-14 10:29pm
NurFACe : Grab your gear and play some non hard core so we can win another clan war.
01-01-14 10:28pm

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