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SCAVENGER1 : so next time squash the sucker ok
18-11-09 10:28am
SCAVENGER1 : yeah Keys get well dude and no more stunt riding for you !!!
18-11-09 10:27am
kangol : Keys, hope all is well man. Not sure what happened, but 6 ribs is a breath taker! Get well!
18-11-09 8:51am
NurFACe : Keys get well soon.
17-11-09 10:14pm
BIG : just got word keys is doing good no surgeryhe broke 6 ribs and he may get to go home tomarrow
17-11-09 6:47pm
BIG : you are one tuf mutha fucka keys hng in thr bro
17-11-09 6:27pm
Interval : keys = man o steel, stay stong wanka
17-11-09 5:57pm
BopChizzle : Get well soon keys!!!!!
17-11-09 5:51pm
SCAVENGER1 : ?message? WTF?? that should have been this > dam smilie faces glitching on me now
16-11-09 9:04pm
SCAVENGER1 : Message doh forgot that you have new monitor KangoL rofl@self but can you up load? it so it is that res then since it is not
16-11-09 8:59pm
kangol : I already have it at 1680x1050. It is my current desktop background. Got sick of staring at my old one.
15-11-09 2:56pm
SCAVENGER1 : wow Kangol that is some great work you did!! can you do that in 1680x1050 ? if not dont worry about it it still is some great work by you anyways !! keep it up it up your doing real good... how my fkd up fngish comin?
15-11-09 12:21pm
kangol : Thx
14-11-09 9:18pm
Interval : thats fckin sick kang
14-11-09 8:55pm
kangol : My own take on the background "the Cube". [URL]
14-11-09 1:01pm
Interval : [URL] bahahah
14-11-09 12:50am
kangol : [URL]
13-11-09 6:27pm
kangol : lmao! What a tool
12-11-09 9:36pm
NurFACe : The spin cycle of this lady. [URL]
12-11-09 9:15pm
NurFACe : Interval and Strikez if pretty good is single player than exclude me from purchase.
12-11-09 5:21pm
NurFACe : Malicious the Christians are still trying and that link is another effort. Religon isn't high on my priority because a$$ holes come in all of them.
12-11-09 5:20pm
Strikez : MW2 is a fun game on single player. The weapons shoot and the game feels like a raven shield las vegas but no lean or blind firing. So ppl with graphic cards will like the look. Multilplayer servers suck ass as far as I can see you can play with the settings ie # of player length of game etc.. it looks like every thing is auto matic I hope I am wrong. The single player version I think is worth the price. As for the max 9 v 9 I can see why the limit the maps are good but iwth more then 9 per side can get crowed fast lots of choke points. Best perk I like so far is the unmanned machine guns.
11-11-09 2:54pm
kangol : Interval, you traitor!
11-11-09 2:42pm
malicious : obviously didnt work eh, Nurf!
11-11-09 2:30pm
Interval : just got my preorder of MW2, looking pretty good so far
11-11-09 1:23pm
SeMPeRFi : [URL]
10-11-09 9:38pm
NurFACe : Malicious, you know Christians attempted this first.
10-11-09 7:58pm
BIG : some shit never changes
10-11-09 5:52pm
malicious : WoW check this out [URL]
10-11-09 5:04pm
malicious : A few of the clan members attended school here (And looks like not too much has [URL]
10-11-09 4:54pm
kangol : Burned the HBCD iso to a disk, popped the disk in and about 50 damn tools are on it. Not exactly sure what to do from there. If I had to guess, it would be ghosting, but I don't want to mess anything up, so hopefully someone can point me into the right direction.
10-11-09 1:44pm
NurFACe : PC Tool Kit life support [URL]
09-11-09 10:46pm
kangol : Back on my comp now...YAY~
09-11-09 4:09pm
SCAVENGER1 : Kangol all i am going to say is this "Welcome to my World"
09-11-09 3:58pm
kangol : Went to Best buy today since I still had the receipt for my Hard Drive and told them it didn't work out of the box and I didn't know till now cause i moved and just now tried it, so they replaced my HD for free! Fuck waiting 2 weeks for an RMA! Booya!
09-11-09 3:39pm
SCAVENGER1 : lol Key.. Boy you now the Rules of Steels dont ya boy!!
09-11-09 12:52pm
KeySeRSoSe : Grrroom
09-11-09 11:37am
kangol : Ya, I saw that review for Bad Company 2 the other day in a magazine. It looks like what I'll be playing next. Too bad it doesn't come out until March
08-11-09 6:40pm
SCAVENGER1 : semp i hope you got my txt so you know what i have been doing before i went to sleep this morning! rofl got a lot done in Borderlands after i got it installed !!! got some sweat weapsons to !!! just need to make a new folder for pictures thought !
08-11-09 5:58pm
BIG : vroooommmm good time today keys
08-11-09 5:28pm
BIG : fedor is a fckin beast
07-11-09 10:30pm
07-11-09 7:50pm
SCAVENGER1 : dam KangoL sounds like you have been near Illinois i guess?
07-11-09 6:38pm
kangol : Thought I was in the clear replacing the monitor, but this morning my Hard Drive I jsut bought decided to take a shit. so needless to say, until I get it back on RMA, I'm gonna be off and on again on Ayeka's comp. Should be about a week or so.
07-11-09 2:35pm
SCAVENGER1 : well take this [URL]
07-11-09 11:42am
SCAVENGER1 : fk i hate that hit the wrong dam key wish we had a edit for the shout box like we did with the old theme !! oh well. any ways what does comprehensive have to do with anything anyway? take as many pills as i do and see if you can do the same sht head since i have no choice and beside I HATE FUCKING THE FUCKING ENGLISH !!! took 6 yrs of summer shcool to prove it
07-11-09 11:39am
SCAVENGER1 : Messagecomprehensivel y
07-11-09 11:36am
SCAVENGER1 : that* forgot to add that to my post
07-11-09 11:35am
SCAVENGER1 : and i do type better then kangoooooooooooo
07-11-09 11:19am
SCAVENGER1 : some people kids now days players BAN!!!
07-11-09 11:19am

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