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NurFACe : Yeah I just don't want to be hype bandwagon with any new game releases.
19-02-10 3:28pm
SCAVENGER1 : rofl yeah i thought the same thing kangol but yeah the cloaking was cool though so i wonder how it will turn out.
19-02-10 12:01am
kangol : lol Nurf. I thought the same thing when I watched it, but I was still stuck on the toilet flushing UBI logo
18-02-10 10:26pm
NurFACe : Did I miss something because GR video doesn't show any game play just outline of soldier. Not much to base a thought or interest.
18-02-10 9:25pm
SCAVENGER1 : wow new firefox 3.6 is wild!!
18-02-10 2:43pm
kangol : The Ubisoft logo makes me shudder!
18-02-10 12:27pm
SCAVENGER1 : this looks good [URL]
16-02-10 4:39pm
malicious : [URL]
16-02-10 10:32am
malicious : 2 feet of snow already this february!..Couple more inches and we break an all-time record.
16-02-10 10:26am
NurFACe : A day in the life of Trilla [URL]
12-02-10 7:21pm
12-02-10 10:12am
kangol : Ya, opened that up with my kids standing behind me asking me a question. That was akward!
11-02-10 8:20pm
KeySeRSoSe : NSFW on those plz wanka
11-02-10 8:13pm
11-02-10 7:25pm
11-02-10 2:13am
SCAVENGER1 : wonder why kangoL didnt do that in the 1st place...
11-02-10 2:12am
NurFACe : hey gents lets get that kangol issue in forum so it can have some follow up and feedback.
10-02-10 9:06pm
SCAVENGER1 : well 1 way to find out is to get into bios and shut off game port. i never have mine on anyways since i never use it. beside any controller i use is usb so that is why i dont need the game port on.
10-02-10 8:38pm
kangol : Today, the games I play started crashing within 5-10 minutes of playing. Initially, I figured it was probably my card going out or maybe a bad driver. But I tried running the same game with Windows 7's default driver and it still crashed. So I opened my message center and found something that said this: "Address a problem with Game Port This problem was caused by a compatibility issue between your computer's Game Port and your 64-bit version of Windows. The Game Port is only compatible with 32-bit versions of Windows. This problem is not critical, but you can prevent it from occurring again by disabling the Game Port in your computer's BIOS. Refer to the instructions that came with your computer that explain how to access the BIOS and turn off Game Port support. " . Could this be causing my problem?
10-02-10 7:05pm
NurFACe : check this net speed when i hit Chicago [URL]
09-02-10 10:32pm
SCAVENGER1 : rrr the other way around that is your up was of your down speed
08-02-10 5:15pm
SCAVENGER1 : i hear ye there now if your up was 1/2 your down like mine is [URL] rofl!!
08-02-10 5:14pm
NurFACe : [URL] zoom net speed today
08-02-10 1:15pm
NurFACe : anyone got change for $50 in ones. TPain must have seen her when wrote in love with a stripper.
08-02-10 1:07pm
KeySeRSoSe : (pole dancer) Clap, Clap, Clap...
08-02-10 10:08am
NurFACe : [URL] Airbender
07-02-10 9:24pm
malicious : [URL]
07-02-10 11:25am
malicious : [URL]
07-02-10 11:02am
06-02-10 9:55pm
Interval : [URL]
06-02-10 5:02pm
SCAVENGER1 : anyone home
06-02-10 12:33pm
SCAVENGER1 : teamspeak back up as 4:20pm cst
04-02-10 4:21pm
SCAVENGER1 : teamspeak down as 1pm cst and there is a new beta for it as well.
04-02-10 1:47pm
SCAVENGER1 : i knew you would enjoy it kango with an L !! since the shout box has been dead for to long just like teamspeak and the clan since most dont play together any more like we use to sucks big time i miss those day when we played as a clan
03-02-10 9:01pm
kangol : This episode of, "What the fuck did you say?" brought to you by Scavy! *Hugs*
03-02-10 8:06pm
SCAVENGER1 : only thing you have to hold all the time is the crouch the zoom key locks you have to hit it again to get it to unzoom. but now i know what you are talking about. anyways all games are flawed just some more then other and some are like more then other is all. and it comes down to what you like in a game which counts, right? you like cod series i do not i like bf series you do not plain and simple i say. other have same views of both games as well some like and some hate.
03-02-10 4:57pm
NurFACe : I don't have the time or patience to explain but xbox and pc movements are same when it comes to going into crouch or sprint having to hold key down entire time to do either = FLAWED.
03-02-10 4:40pm
SCAVENGER1 : well nurf the video semp posted is xbox and not pc. and what would you use then to crouch then? or dont you to steady yopur aim? remember your to use to cod which gives you way to much i think. but it is a beta and with them putting in the ranking system into it. it will give everyone how it feels and gives them how it works for us and what bugs will come out of it before launch well we hope so that is.
02-02-10 11:39pm
NurFACe : I'm speaking of PC beta. It feels clumsy and holding shift and crouch keys to remain in that position is just plain silly. Ranking up in Demo means absolutely nothing especially for demo with one map over and over,
02-02-10 10:29pm
SCAVENGER1 : well this is xbox beta not pc beta some things are similar but different as well. but they do know that the weapons hit boxs need work yet. since pc plays a lot different then pc. sht i go through a whole clip most time to kill someone. but i am ranking up but i dont play sniper class only assault class so far.
02-02-10 9:37pm
NurFACe : 1:42 sniper is standing firing? Because it to much effort to hold down crouch entire time while trying to zoom and fire. Bad Company 2 beta not impress with game play at all.
02-02-10 4:25pm
SeMPeRFi : Bad Company 2 Beta/DEMO Gameplay: [URL]
02-02-10 4:08pm
malicious : Lmao interval
02-02-10 6:05am
Interval : [URL]
01-02-10 6:08pm
31-01-10 3:34pm
SCAVENGER1 : im a specailist 1st class now woot!! got a bunch of weapons to im working on getting the red dot sight now so far i like the F200 but the XM8 is really good to rifle.
31-01-10 2:53am
kangol : With a capital "Q" damn it!
30-01-10 5:11pm
kangol : Maqjor something
30-01-10 5:10pm
m8_ : well, isnt scav a major spam him self, ????
30-01-10 3:59pm
NurFACe : funny fail to get registrtation but got email for newsletter immediately.
29-01-10 9:39pm

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