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kangol : Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been around, but I had my internet disconnected about 4 or 5 months ago due to finance issues and when I got the money to have it reconnected there was no room left on the line. The only reason I am able to get on now is because I am at a hotel with free internet because we are oiut of town for a funeral. Ayeka's nephew died at the age of 22. Anyhow, I'll see you guys again asap.
07-17-10 4:08pm
Interval : [URL]
07-17-10 3:32pm
SCAVENGER1 : i dont need 1 since i dont even have a HD anything right now rofl !! but you can send me 1 if you want to steely.. 2 more wks and ill be at the new place !!!!!
07-17-10 8:07am
pIpes : Shit how many you need....
07-17-10 1:45am
07-16-10 6:41pm
SCAVENGER1 : true but duct tape wont last that long so that is why i am looking for the correct part tossa !!
07-13-10 9:50pm
KeySeRSoSe : what's wrong scav? we know u have ur redneck degree. a little piece of duct tape n ur ready to rock!
07-13-10 8:58pm
SCAVENGER1 : check these pic for the part i need [URL]
07-13-10 2:28pm
SCAVENGER1 : anyone have a junk SATA hard drive laying around? i need a part off of it so i can fix my 1 SATA drive. i need a bigger drive for my old pc since the back up drive i have in it is way to small. its a 80gig drive that is about to run out of room. and my SATA drive that is 250gig just needs a part so the cable will stay hook up to it.
07-13-10 12:29pm
SCAVENGER1 : well salvo i got in this time with no GPF . but im not sure but got this laggy/jittery going on in the server even though my ping is in the 50's and my fps is over 200 steady so i dont know whats doing it.. but i did get in
07-10-10 5:50pm
Salvo : play it again sam
07-09-10 8:49pm
Salvo : Well I dont know what hacks you guys are running but I took the other anit cheat that I installed which was supposed to stop binding.
07-09-10 8:49pm
SCAVENGER1 : what athena said goes for me. but it has only done this since he changed it this last time to what he gots going on it right now. before that i had no problems getting in to his server and play. it is Just his server this is going on since i went into the Master clan server and played 5 rounds with out a hitch. and int i dont need to do that it plays just fine its just what ever salvo has done has gotten it all screwed up right now
07-09-10 8:40pm
Interval : did you alt enter before joining the server scav?
07-09-10 4:02pm
athena : Scav, yeah i just loaded up and tried it out. It says I'm downloading the package and then crashes to desktop with a main loop error.
07-09-10 3:38pm
SCAVENGER1 : has anyone been able to get into the bestofthebest RVS server since Salvo did the change up on it i have not been able to i keep getting GPF all the time and no matter what map it is on now either but i can get into other servers just fine..
07-09-10 1:17pm
pIpes : Thanx for the video scav, meant a lot. My kids appriciated it as well. To often today kids are are so consumed with thier ipods and ipads.....Thanks bro.
07-08-10 3:00am
BopChizzle : firefox 4 beta [URL]
07-06-10 8:48pm
Interval : [URL] zooomg HAX!!1
07-05-10 5:08pm
07-04-10 10:14am
Interval : [URL]
07-03-10 7:30pm
SeMPeRFi : I upped trhe new tech n9ne cd for wolf. Thought I would share here: [URL]
07-03-10 3:27am
NurFACe : the download for need for speed is rated 10. downloaded beta in 10 minutes
07-02-10 5:21pm
SCAVENGER1 : beta for Need for Speed World is up [URL]
07-02-10 3:53pm
SCAVENGER1 : OMG thats a good 1 nurf
07-02-10 3:47pm
NurFACe : iphone4 roflmao [URL]
07-02-10 2:59pm
SCAVENGER1 : BFBC2 patch is out
06-30-10 1:00am
JD0369 : Did anyone get that new Sniper Ghost Warrior?
06-29-10 5:04pm
Interval : lmao.. sex-in-a-can brahahaha
06-29-10 4:59pm
athena : [URL]
06-29-10 3:16am
SCAVENGER1 : nice find malic i havent herd about that in the news and i bet they didnt want it out there either. cause that would make for a scandel !!!
06-28-10 7:09pm
malicious : [URL]
06-28-10 6:03pm
SCAVENGER1 : my shout is for BFBC2 patch
06-28-10 2:27pm
SCAVENGER1 : After a lot of trials and tribulations, all versions of the game client has now completed QA successfully. We will do no more testing on it. All game servers will need to be taken down for updates. The maintenance period starts on Wednesday Jun 30th at 07:00AM (GMT+2). Most of them should be back up by 11:00AM (GMT+2). During this time window, we will also release the new game client. Check back after 11:00AM (GMT+2), and try out the new game client!
06-28-10 2:26pm
SCAVENGER1 : so far this is what i get trying to get into Salvos server [URL]
06-27-10 11:59pm
Interval : Keep gettin downloading package MHUD refused on every map Salvo
06-27-10 2:23pm
SCAVENGER1 : uhm left for dead 2 is 10.60 right now i got a better deal on it last night but thats still dam cheap yet for a 30 dollar game
06-27-10 12:05pm
SCAVENGER1 : yeah i Int i got left for dead 2 for $7 and star wars the force unleashed the sith ultimate edtion for $6 last night !! that was 1 hellava sale !!
06-27-10 12:02pm
06-27-10 12:01pm
Interval : i missed the sale scav.. just bitchin bout it
06-27-10 8:28am
06-26-10 3:46pm
Interval : wadda bitch S.....
06-26-10 12:52pm
SCAVENGER1 : steam is running a mega sale right now and it will end in 38 minutes !!
06-25-10 11:22am
SeMPeRFi : Anyone playing the MOH beta? How is it?
06-24-10 5:13pm
NurFACe : [URL]
06-23-10 7:46pm
NurFACe : SiriusXM demo on smartphones for 7 days. Only require email no credit card informatioin.
06-23-10 7:44pm
Interval : not so smooth n-e-more
06-23-10 3:21pm
NurFACe : Rumor has it that a guy using Operator (Op) has been on shout box. Op welcome back.
06-23-10 1:37pm
NurFACe : Translation. BC2 patched delay due to steam QA failed so now patch should be released next Monday.
06-23-10 1:35pm
SCAVENGER1 : for fk sake !!! BC2 patch is delayed once again !! it failed steam QA and since they couldnt get steam to do a fast retest it maybe this monday !!! but know 1 is holding there breath !!!
06-23-10 9:32am

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