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SCAVENGER1 : what song i still cant hear ir yet maybe i need to listen to it as many times as kang did uh
09-24-10 11:35am
malicious : Kang I don't see any reason you should get distracted when trying to listen to that. That is just the excuse you feed yourself to justify watching it 899 times!
09-24-10 6:25am
kangol : I keep trying to listen to this song, but I'm distracted every time for some reason. [URL]
09-24-10 12:14am
SCAVENGER1 : ok well have you tried to get a refund or credit from steam since they have announced shutting down APB servers for good ! just a few days ago? if not i would try again and let them know that since you did not know that was going to happen when you got it ya know.
09-21-10 9:46pm
Interval : just preorder fallout new vegas, so i don't got the $ for anything now. plus just been playing vegas2 lately scav
09-21-10 5:52pm
SCAVENGER1 : hey interval you should really try to get your money back on abp since they shut down there servers !!! and go get global agenda since it has been fun sine rede and i been playing it together from time to time when he is on. we even do security mission together.
09-21-10 10:36am
kangol : lol
09-18-10 1:40am
Interval : that dude's gonna have some serious chafed bits kang, be nice to see some chick do that and catch herself with her tits :)
09-17-10 2:33pm
SCAVENGER1 : thats 1 way to ich your arse crack
09-17-10 12:34pm
kangol : I'd love to go to a strip club and see some women do this shit! [URL]
09-17-10 10:29am
NurFACe : Yeah I wish I could have made it to Vegas this year. Price is always reasonable but life gets in the way.
09-16-10 8:29pm
kangol : Sorry I couldn't make it to the LAN party. Hope you guys have some hella fun!
09-16-10 12:24am
SCAVENGER1 : now here is 1 semp would want to get and it has coop mode for the 1st time ever !!! Lara Croft !! [URL]
09-13-10 11:39pm
SCAVENGER1 : if you dont like scary games/movies then DONT WATCH THE VIDEO"S !!!! it has spider in 1 of them ewwww!!!!!!!!!!!
09-13-10 7:22pm
SCAVENGER1 : has anyone herd of this game before Penumbra Overture [URL] or this 1 Penumbra Black Plague Gold Edition [URL]
09-13-10 7:21pm
kangol : Get game informer Interval. It got horrible reviews. Said that there wasn't enough variety in the game, lots of camping and it overall was a GTA knock off without the fun.
09-11-10 6:21pm
Interval : whatever you do, don't get APB... game blows, service sucks even more.... i can't even get into how much they pissed me off... game BANNED
09-11-10 5:32pm
SCAVENGER1 : and thank you for doing so
09-11-10 12:14am
SCAVENGER1 : wow someone has some super deep pockets this month $150 congrate to the person that did it whoa !!!!
09-11-10 12:14am
09-10-10 12:04am
SCAVENGER1 : never mind about topgun it has a couple of problem that i just found out !! fuck it has no EXIT BUTTON IN GAME SO YOU CANT EVEN EXIT OUT OF IT you need to use task manager to kill the game WTF !
09-09-10 11:44pm
SCAVENGER1 : dam Top Gun !! remember playing this in the arcades when i was a kid back in the day !!! [URL] $14.99 on steam right now and i got it DL !!!! i got to play it !!!
09-09-10 10:44pm
SCAVENGER1 : well would need the info ya know strikeis !!!
09-09-10 9:23pm
Strikez : I am still around. Just been playing on Brute force server since its so dead in here. So if you want to join me for a few just jump in thier TS and server they said we were welcome to.
09-09-10 8:14pm
SCAVENGER1 : update for TS3 is out and now the server is out of date rofl
09-09-10 10:46am
SCAVENGER1 : is that M8
09-09-10 12:55am
malicious : Talk about a bad day at [URL]
09-08-10 3:37pm
SCAVENGER1 : well the shout box is the only place that is busy since know one else is around, such as TS/xfire !! it has been very dead around here figure got to keep some kind of light on around here !! if know one else will
09-07-10 9:26pm
ninja : Got ya now Scav
09-05-10 11:31am
SCAVENGER1 : try SCAVENGER_1 see if that works lol
09-03-10 10:52pm
ninja : Got steam tried to add you as friend but came up blank whats yaID Scav
09-03-10 5:27pm
SCAVENGER1 : DLC4 for borderlands sure sounds like fun [URL]
09-03-10 2:54pm
SCAVENGER1 : cod black ops [URL]
09-03-10 1:03pm
SCAVENGER1 : sounds good kangol glad your back up. and has anyone seen this game yet BRINK ? [URL] it looks and sounds good so far and it has coop and mp
09-03-10 3:25am
09-02-10 10:59pm
SCAVENGER1 : well someone has to keep it going since know on else use it any more!!!
09-02-10 10:42pm
kangol : Finally got my internet back on....about fucking time
09-02-10 8:39pm
NurFACe : Sup Ninja. Scave keeping shout box as his blog I see. LOL
09-02-10 8:26pm
SCAVENGER1 : ninja you have steam installed? if not do and get killing floor so you can join and play some good coop killing and blacklight tango down since they now got it fix i just reach rank 25 by just playing coop aka black ops Int and i been playing it
08-31-10 5:17pm
ninja : Playing nothing yet M8 just getting system set up X-fire now working need to set up Teamspeak if i can remember how. Installed a few classics got to download lots of up dates then set up my pad for each hopefully running at the weekend.
08-31-10 2:56pm
ninja : Hi Nurf
08-31-10 2:53pm
Interval : [URL]
08-30-10 4:28pm
BIG : Ann Arbor News Report: Football practice in Ann Arbor was delayed on Monday for nearly two hours. One of the offensive players, while on his way to the locker room, happened to look down and notice a suspicious looking, unknown, white powdery substan After a complete field analysis, the FBI determined that the white substance unknown to the players was the goal line. Practice was resumed when the FBI decided that the team would not be likely to encounter the substance again
08-29-10 4:59pm
m8_ : Ninja and the rest of ya, who are intrest. [URL] will be releast next month...
08-28-10 5:52am
m8_ : wow, seven shouts within 5 hours, that brain must be screeming alot. sup Nur! Ninja, what games are you playing now, im still on skype if you wanne contact me
08-27-10 12:35am
SCAVENGER1 : fucking shout box kept adding another set of http to it fuckin thing its all M8/ninjas fault
08-26-10 10:20pm
08-26-10 10:19pm
SCAVENGER1 : WTF fkin shout box mess up my link > [URL]
08-26-10 10:18pm
SCAVENGER1 : here ya go interval the chart that show what the weapon tags do [URL]
08-26-10 10:14pm
NurFACe : count on scavenger in shout box sup ninja & m8.
08-26-10 9:01pm

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