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Interval : [URL] looks like its gonna be good
11-26-10 3:06pm
kangol : Happy Thanksgiving
11-25-10 5:51pm
BIG : happy thanksgiving RLC family
11-25-10 12:20pm
11-25-10 5:51am
Interval : [URL]
11-24-10 3:34pm
SCAVENGER1 : lol i herd that kango doesnt need vasaline for his ass !!!
11-19-10 1:11pm
kangol : Hahaha Semp, maybe with a bottle of Visine!
11-19-10 10:37am
SeMPeRFi : Is this somethin Scav would do? [URL]
11-19-10 2:01am
kangol : I know I've said it before Nurf, but your damned Avatar is awesome. Thank you~
11-18-10 10:58pm
NurFACe : Strikez, Your link is referring to Call of Duty WAW with cvar/punkbuster NOT VAC so doesn't apply.
11-18-10 9:29pm
NurFACe : scav, I was in game and TS with you and Interval but I see you can't even remember. The only thing I fail at is ignoring you
11-18-10 9:22pm
Strikez : Legal hack for Black ops havent tried it but Hope it gets fixed. [URL]
11-18-10 6:59pm
kangol : Hah! It's like he completely missed what you said Nurf. Btw Scav, everyone has their own opinions on "Good Games". Some of us find it more enjoyable to play against people with unscripted behavior and unpredictable behavior because it's challenging and takes skill. Others, such as yourself, enjoy playing against scripted AI with predictable behaviour because they are unable to adapt their skill level to compete with another human.
11-18-10 6:48pm
SCAVENGER1 : sound like you have a epic fail nurf !!! lol so then why even complain about a game that you never ask to join in then??
11-18-10 5:42pm
NurFACe : scav i did get in ts with you a$$ hat and interval, even discuss strategy were tangos were coming from and how to get them from 2nd floor.
11-18-10 4:39pm
SCAVENGER1 : who said for you to get vegas 2? i know it wasnt me and beside when int and i where playing you never came in ts and ask to join us. nad as for games that yalls said where real good > cod1/cod2/codua/cod4/ codwaw so far they sucks ass cept for maybe codwaw since it had zombies in it but even that got real old... so yeah i wasted a lot of cash on games that i never liked in the 1st place....
11-18-10 11:46am
NurFACe : Got vegas2 & section 8 to play with scav and interval only to get bombarded with glitches and no patch updates. WTF so yeah I stick with COD at least effort made to patch.
11-17-10 8:52pm
kangol : Oh snap! I just got fucking pwnd hardcore!
11-17-10 8:28pm
SCAVENGER1 : kango you have no clue and beside your way off shit head
11-17-10 8:22pm
kangol : lmao Nurf. That was a perfect fit. Btw, playing CoD: Black Ops on console if fucking GAY! Nothing like being on a 12 kill streak and the host quitting and making you lose all your points!
11-17-10 7:26pm
kangol : Scavenger Decryptor Initiated. "Well, I enjoyed the entire game (reference unknown), but I never tried the multiplayer portion of it. (Jibberish) Whee! (Assumed Joyful Sound of a toddler) They weren't as hard as the Call of Duty series, so I never played them again!"
11-17-10 7:22pm
SCAVENGER1 : well i enjoyed that game the whole time played till the end but i never tried the mp of it kind of other games i was told whee and they werent aka cod series so yeah i bought a bunch of them and never pllayed them again
11-17-10 2:04pm
NurFACe : Online Gamer [URL]
11-17-10 12:03pm
NurFACe : Scave, You suggested I get Section 8 $49.99 which I did then turns out game SUX
11-17-10 11:49am
SCAVENGER1 : lol who care if you listen to me or not i could give a rats ass either way. but my eyes dont burn like it does in cod which is a crap game series for as i am consern. so yalls plays your poopy game and ill play what i like to play and have fun which is what this is for me so l8z all enjoy
11-17-10 9:39am
kangol : lol. Scav = AI with burning eyes!
11-17-10 12:08am
NurFACe : who listens to scave anyways when it comes to games. NOT ME I play Black Ops for multiplayer beating up AI is just plain easy
11-16-10 10:13pm
Salvo : Classic has been up but IP has changed.
11-16-10 8:20pm
SCAVENGER1 : nah i havent played it yet, i do have it dl though but im having way to much fun playing global agenda anyways.......
11-15-10 3:55pm
SeMPeRFi : It's good...big levels...small sure scav will say different though he hasnt even played the game.
11-15-10 2:57pm
m8_ : Hi all. Wonder if Black ops is good? size on levels?
11-15-10 6:00am
SCAVENGER1 : not that long fk bad enough i paid 50 for fkn bfbc2 i ont ever again pay that much
11-14-10 1:02pm
kangol : I got it for Activision sent Ayeka a free copy, but yeah. PC games have been $59 for a while now.
11-14-10 10:15am
NurFACe : 2 people crack me up. $59 is going rate for majority of pc games.
11-13-10 10:57pm
kangol : Wish it was cross platform. I have it for the ps3. lol
11-13-10 7:19pm
SCAVENGER1 : fuck that paying $60 for a crap console port !! i know i wont even if i had the extra to blow on a game.
11-12-10 1:24pm
SeMPeRFi : ...BTW I have the game now and I'm setting up a RLC server as I type this.
11-12-10 1:02am
SeMPeRFi : PC games...esp the cod series have been $60 since MW2. MOH was $60 also...just have to accept it I guess. Console games have been $60 for years now I knew it was just a matter of time.
11-12-10 1:01am
Interval : straight outa south park crowd scenes,,, rabble rabble rabble COD... rabble rabble buy buy buy... rabble... zombie fucks... no offence
11-10-10 7:40pm
Interval : sry but im waiting it out
11-10-10 6:59pm
Interval : come on... make a stand... you willing to get games priced at $60 cause of shitty advertising now?... you're gonna pe paying for it now
11-10-10 6:54pm
Interval : WTG COD extra 10 bucks, making it go for jimmy douchebag kimmel and coby rape em B... why the fuck i gotta pay for that shit ass commercial?... am i alone in this?... when did Pc games become 60$?
11-10-10 6:45pm
Interval : anytime kang . . . shit was hairy for a sec, scavs letting his bookmarked pages out now
11-10-10 5:08pm
karazycanuck : its finally here fuck you MW2 hello Blackops
11-09-10 2:11pm
11-09-10 3:39am
BIG : YO...
11-08-10 10:32pm
kangol : Fuck it!
11-08-10 10:27pm
kangol : Damn [URL] Shoutbox and the fake links!
11-08-10 10:26pm
kangol : [URL] Thx Interval, that was definantly a "WTF" moment.
11-08-10 10:26pm
Interval : [URL]
11-07-10 3:27pm

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