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SeMPeRFi: Welcome seanZzZzY (psycho) to the site. now get your ass movin soldier i want kills. 40 of them to be exact. MOVE IT MOVE IT MOVE IT!
30-03-2005 3:40:pm
SeMPeRFi: welcome kbizzle (certified n00b) whats your online name bro?
30-03-2005 1:43:am
Exploited: y thank u sir
30-03-2005 12:53:am
SeMPeRFi: viva puerto rico puto
29-03-2005 10:11:pm
SeMPeRFi: welcome SNIPER (crazy mo-fo)
29-03-2005 10:10:pm
SeMPeRFi: welcome ayeka and Kangol to the site. "the enemy of my enemy, is my friend"
29-03-2005 12:39:pm
SeMPeRFi: yes we had the new drivers also..just forgot to post ....DOH!
29-03-2005 4:22:am
SeMPeRFi: *our
28-03-2005 10:26:pm
SeMPeRFi: Welcome EXPLOITED to out crazy family of killers.
28-03-2005 10:26:pm
SeMPeRFi: from what ive read it is going to release for all 3 in mid to late may.
28-03-2005 9:57:pm
Nightfall: Aah, further digging shows both titles will release for PC later, after the console releases. I just don't understand why the devs think FPS games are more popular on console than on PC - Consoles suck ass to play fps games on.
28-03-2005 6:14:pm
Nightfall: hmm [URL] says it is for PS2 and Xbox just like Ghost Recon 2 ----- I call foul! What is this noise?!
28-03-2005 6:08:pm
KeySeRSoSe: WTF SCAV why don't u tell a nigga when there's an update!!!
28-03-2005 4:49:pm
malicious: It's 4:20 SOMEWHERE!
28-03-2005 9:56:am
SeMPeRFi: updated clip of the week.
27-03-2005 10:24:pm
SeMPeRFi: who da man...
27-03-2005 10:23:pm
Nightfall: Thanks for the welcome!
27-03-2005 10:19:pm
malicious: Malice (mal'is) n. [ L malus, bad ] 1 active ill will; desire to harm another 2 evil intent...........MUHA HAHAHA
27-03-2005 10:27:am
malicious: WELCOME.... [RLC]NIGHTFALL... and... [RLC]]PIPES too our family.........!SALUT E!
27-03-2005 10:17:am
athena: keyser, u there
27-03-2005 1:14:am
athena: Server is back up!!!!
27-03-2005 1:07:am
athena: yes, the server is down at present time. Sorry guys! Should know soon what is going on.
26-03-2005 10:17:pm
athena: server is down???
26-03-2005 7:32:pm
SeMPeRFi: wont be long scav
26-03-2005 2:06:am
KeySeRSoSe: LOL another cereal killer... nice AR
25-03-2005 3:32:pm
Spike: Yo yo sup
25-03-2005 3:28:pm
SeMPeRFi: sup fellow killers
25-03-2005 12:59:pm
Anonymous: YO! Thanks for the Hook up Keys; glad to be aboard.
24-03-2005 10:29:pm
22-03-2005 3:08:pm
22-03-2005 2:44:pm
BIG: the new webpage is the shit i cant wait till im online full tim again look fowerd to gammin with you fckers
22-03-2005 2:44:pm
KeySeRSoSe: i have gone over the server logs and found the names of the ass wankers, Ahhh Old friends of the RLC, IronOak and John_Doe. they used to show up in HSDWG when there weren't any admins around. they have a nak for that. and TK the whole room until it would clear out and they could play their weak ass game alone so there was noone to watch and laugh. I tracked down thier UBI Id's and GUIDS and added them to the BAN list. if there are ANY sightings of these 2 NOTIFY ADMIN IMMEDIATLY by shoutbox, e-mail, or Teamspeak
20-03-2005 12:09:pm
KeySeRSoSe: Wow, u guys are a wealth of information... NAMES???? did u get thier ubi id with punkbuster, maybe a screen shot or 2 so i can BAN them???
20-03-2005 8:51:am
Faa: Two tk'ers are ruining for everybody.
20-03-2005 6:45:am
<HELLS>Faa: We need an admin at your server!
20-03-2005 6:44:am
SeMPeRFi: str8 up ganked steelys like that bizznatch!
19-03-2005 2:52:pm
SeMPeRFi: thanx i didnt want to type all that
19-03-2005 3:36:am
KeySeRSoSe: omfg, right. it's called a forum. i read it as much as i do the shout box. "U spoke too soon" [URL] !?!?!? our point was that u DO need another program and FRAPs will not compress the video file. you can go directly to microsoft downloads and get WINDOWS MEDIA ENCODER 9 FREE and you don't need another spyware infested program.
19-03-2005 3:25:am
SeMPeRFi: horton u should have all this posted in the forum under xp helpdesk
19-03-2005 12:46:am
SFC_Horton: an example: the file I tested the other day went from being 88 MB to 7 Megs
18-03-2005 2:13:pm
SFC_Horton: that allows you to compress the movie files better
18-03-2005 2:12:pm
SFC_Horton: aight - here's the have to download another program called virtualdub
18-03-2005 2:12:pm
SeMPeRFi: i havent used fraps much..that would be the keymasters department
18-03-2005 2:08:pm
SeMPeRFi: dam wtf happend to hells-clan website,
18-03-2005 2:07:pm
SFC_Horton: go to [URL]
18-03-2005 2:06:pm
SFC_Horton: U spoke too soon, dude -
18-03-2005 2:06:pm
SeMPeRFi: i miss my 68 charger scav, 440 magnum, 6 pack hi rise intake, all edlbrock, very clean until i blew it up.
18-03-2005 2:03:pm
SFC_Horton: anks dude
18-03-2005 2:02:pm
SeMPeRFi: sup horton..i dont think you can make them smaller..unless u have a seperate program that does that
18-03-2005 2:01:pm
SFC_Horton: with FRAPS - how do you make the movies smaller - I freaked out when I looked at the filesize when I tried to send it to work
18-03-2005 2:00:pm

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