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SeMPeRFi: sup big
05-06-2005 8:34:pm
BIG: slowly but shurly
05-06-2005 8:15:pm
SeMPeRFi: the test server may be experiencing technical difficulties.
05-06-2005 5:10:am
SeMPeRFi: thanx goes out to my boy SCAVENGER and all others who have made donations to the RLC this month. Its people like you that help us to bring the best RVS experience on the planet! Thanx again, you fuckin rock!
28-05-2005 12:52:am
Exploited: yay, my account works again. thnx keys n semp
27-05-2005 1:39:pm
KeySeRSoSe: sry scav, for some reason it was disabled but my account allowed me to access it. my apologies
24-05-2005 4:51:am
KeySeRSoSe: Fargin Bastages
22-05-2005 4:11:pm
SeMPeRFi@work: dammit! just got off the phone with EBgames and they say R6lockdown for pc has been pushed back yet again. new release date is mid september.
21-05-2005 9:47:pm
Nightfall: aah I have a logitech speaker system with a seperate phones out slot on a controler that automatically mutes the other speakers when I plug it in so I dont have to use 2 cards. Z-5300e by logitech. Nice sound quality and volume too.
21-05-2005 5:44:am
blackberry7520: This sites pimp on a pda even!!!
21-05-2005 4:05:am
dio2u2: all I have to say is KeyS is the shiznat on the PC....Thanks for all your help bro
20-05-2005 11:54:pm
Nightfall: Dunno scav - when I installed my audigy I disabled the onboard sound cause I dont need the onboard when I have the audigy runnin.
19-05-2005 4:22:pm
SeMPeRFi: welcome kel aka zoofreaks
17-05-2005 1:06:am
SeMPeRFi: well scav another option would be to buy a second sound card. then disable the onboard
14-05-2005 1:56:pm
KeySeRSoSe: my pic was getting ready to drop off the Shout History page, wOot wOot
14-05-2005 5:32:am
SeMPeRFi: read the manual
14-05-2005 4:38:am
Nightfall: Im runnin the audigy on my new system and not having problems. I have onboard 5.1 sound also, but I wanted all the extra bells and whistles I guess.
12-05-2005 4:52:pm
SeMPeRFi: yea thats it scav, your new mobo doesnt work because, i suck. well you swallow lol
12-05-2005 3:37:pm
SeMPeRFi: did i mention asus sucks, yep i think i did.
11-05-2005 2:48:pm
SeMPeRFi: rgr that
10-05-2005 11:42:pm
SeMPeRFi: or you could run to best buy and get the creative 5.1 pci sound card for like 30 bux fuck don't return the fucker your gonna wait forever.
10-05-2005 3:21:pm
SeMPeRFi: did u try reinstalling the sound drivers from the cd that came with the motherboard? fuck the ones on the website. if it was workin with the drivers from the cd then put those back on it.
10-05-2005 3:17:pm
007: sem
10-05-2005 1:58:pm
09-05-2005 1:54:pm
stupid_hell: yo ill
09-05-2005 1:54:pm
SeMPeRFi: I am here my children.
07-05-2005 3:23:am
tubalcain1971: hahahaha
06-05-2005 3:24:am
SeMPeRFi: your a dirty whore from hell, and i will smash that. gimme a day beyatch!
01-05-2005 1:25:am
SeMPeRFi: sold
29-04-2005 5:49:am
malicious: my PC doesn't like Chaos Theory, cant even play the first mission...FOR SALE $30...Multiplayer Key is unused game is still brand new...i gave $53.27 and can't fuckin play!
29-04-2005 5:18:am
SeMPeRFi: man superfriends was off the hook last night..fuckiin yogi bear and boo-boo on trial for murder then u find out thteir gay omg i was dyin.
27-04-2005 6:46:pm
Exploited: 4/21 - 4/23 god i hate hospitals.
24-04-2005 6:20:pm
beergutt: hey scavy now that we bumped the bandwith take that back damn it !!!! lmfao
23-04-2005 3:20:pm
SeMPeRFi: shit i gotta fuckin work all dam day 2day
23-04-2005 2:16:pm
Dragon: no hackers on sco
21-04-2005 10:39:pm
Dragon: getting 3mb up and down for tester on saturday
21-04-2005 10:38:pm
SeMPeRFi: sry dragon the I's have it...adv blows in this game to many hackers. if they wanna play us on our Call of Duty:UO server (which is tdm adv). I am more than happy to pound that ass.
21-04-2005 3:04:pm
SeMPeRFi: yet another way ubi has of saying FUCK OFF p00fta!
21-04-2005 2:47:pm
Dragon: RLC Vs. S.Co adversarial this saturday in test server?
20-04-2005 12:49:am
SeMPeRFi: Happy 420 bitches!
20-04-2005 12:06:am
SeMPeRFi: bring it on!
20-04-2005 12:05:am
keys: damn it man dontmake me come down there and make u school me lol good luck with the psu on sunday
19-04-2005 8:53:pm
athena: Hope you're starting to feel better EX.
18-04-2005 10:57:pm
SeMPeRFi: yea thats the on eit has ad watch u can run it in the taskbaar
18-04-2005 6:19:am
Exploited: i have not been around for the last few days due to an anxiety attack i had. i was in the hospital for about 2.5 days cuz i had a concusion from hitting the ground after i blacked out. juss an update. so if u see me on, ill more then likely b out of it.
17-04-2005 3:16:pm
KeySeRSoSe: document!?!?! document?!?! that sounds too much like work. my shizzle just took a dump now i'm stuck punnen around tryin to figure out WTF is wrong. thinking it's the PSU. only a 400w and ive abused the hell out of it when i was running a 3,4 HD setup. (DOH) eyeballing a newegg Thermaltake 480w to replace it with. hence the server being down sunday so i can part out the server to make sure that's it.
16-04-2005 4:54:am
SFC_Horton: I've tried rebooting everyfreaking thing
15-04-2005 1:32:am
SFC_Horton: I've tried rebooting everyfreaking thing
15-04-2005 1:31:am
SFC_Horton: I can't get into the freakin server man
15-04-2005 1:31:am
SFC_Horton: I can't get into the freakin server man
15-04-2005 1:30:am

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