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malicious: Bartender! Drinks and cigars for everyone... Here's a toast ...Only the best in life for the new baby....congrats Kangol/Ayeka
03-04-2006 2:44:pm
heklos: lol i couldnt sleep last night so i did searches on myspace, found athena,sempy and people from my lame ass high school.
03-04-2006 6:41:am
SeMPeRFi: Congrats to Ayeka and Kangol on the birth of their new baby girl!
03-04-2006 12:22:am
SeMPeRFi: actually we just registered ReCoNLaNCLaN. com today! Will let u guys know when its up, will be major construction goin on this month getting ready for GR:AW.
03-04-2006 12:18:am
malicious: GRAW is something to look forward too, unlike LockDown...Does this mean the RavenLanClan may also be considered the ReconLanClan...
01-04-2006 8:13:am
m8_: Looking forward to the release of Ghost recon 3, looked kind of cool.
01-04-2006 6:22:am
SeMPeRFi: Ghost Recon 3 PC trailer is out. click here [URL] to download!
30-03-2006 2:01:pm
pIpes: Beefy likes to watch me eat choed. He wishes he could be a piece of choed. That is all.Wanka
29-03-2006 9:45:pm
BIG: pipes like's choed nuggets
29-03-2006 6:30:pm
BIG: pipes like's beef nuggets
29-03-2006 6:29:pm
BIG: Pipes likes choed BEEF
29-03-2006 6:28:pm
malicious: [URL]
29-03-2006 8:50:am
malicious: SeMP....check your personal mess.'s bro need of some technical assistance...pc down
29-03-2006 8:49:am
pIpes: Nice work Col. Krispy!
27-03-2006 1:11:am
SeMPeRFi: LoL its the scavy fashion show mall baby yea...don't do it senor'..its too sexy! I can't handle the sexy! (rips off shirt)
26-03-2006 4:26:pm
KeySeRSoSe: Shoutcast Digital Stream Is UP @ [URL]
26-03-2006 2:43:am
SeMPeRFi: She will be if she reads the shoutbox!
25-03-2006 5:03:pm
HOWARD: Missed my anniversary, think she'l be pissed?
25-03-2006 4:14:pm
HOWARD: Hey, I fell in Love in Korea. I'm in Japan now, Think I will fall in love here too?
25-03-2006 4:13:pm
malicious: [URL]
24-03-2006 6:44:am
KeySeRSoSe: only 83 bucks to goal!! wOot WoOT
19-03-2006 11:03:pm
DupiMan: I've tried messing with the drivers for sound card & usb ports, nothing. finally down graded the clock speed on me CPU. seems to be running better now
18-03-2006 9:50:am
SeMPeRFi: welcome newest members ']['N'][' and ]|[NTRV䣤
17-03-2006 12:22:am
16-03-2006 8:12:pm
SeMPeRFi: need to define your problem more dupi send me a pm with specific details
16-03-2006 6:12:pm
BIG: DaMMiT....I HaTe THis YoU GuY'S NeeD To STaRT SLeePiNG DuRiNG THe DaY..NoONe iS eVeR oN WHeN I GeT HoMe FRoM WoRk
15-03-2006 5:26:am
athena: mines doin it too dupi
15-03-2006 12:24:am
DupiMan: My game is crashing while on the classic server. no critcal error box just closes the game. any ideas
14-03-2006 5:54:am
SeMPeRFi: march 9th for xbox360. may 5th for PC
12-03-2006 4:03:pm
Ramboner: Where would a vote take place? Sempy said it was gonna happen this weekend, but I don't even know where to look for it...
12-03-2006 10:53:am
11-03-2006 4:44:pm
athena: Semp is the sexiest man ever, and that is all!
09-03-2006 9:38:pm
BIG: semp is a muncha to ...tht is all
09-03-2006 6:30:am
SeMPeRFi: Rainbow 6: Las Vegas TBA for PC. check the forums.
07-03-2006 12:05:am
Ramboner: I think my buddy T@inT is trying to get into RLC. He's got 2 screenshots so far. Let's wish'em luck.
06-03-2006 8:05:am
SeMPeRFi: sry guys the zulu server will be down for 3 days.
05-03-2006 11:35:pm
pIpes: Thank you Scav that means a lot, Sempi is a wanka anyhow, I dont care what they say about you Scav. Its all true man! lol SUCKA enjoy your snow.
05-03-2006 10:41:pm
RedKetchup: Thx for ur support guys it's great to be finally part of this kickass team. Looking forward to many fun games with u all.
05-03-2006 2:11:pm
pIpes: Ya ur fulkded scavey, Grab a cup of hot Jo.
05-03-2006 9:18:am
dio2u2: Yo big Redketchup real big fun hitting the field with you today...mark needs to get his 40 quick bro
04-03-2006 5:44:pm
dio2u2: Hey Congrats to you tomato sauce...welcome abord
02-03-2006 10:41:pm
01-03-2006 5:20:am
heklos: i like b33r!!!111elevenoneon eone
28-02-2006 1:25:pm
SeMPeRFi: welcome our newest member RKTH.
28-02-2006 1:00:pm
BIG: coffee...??you dont need no stinking coffee just suck omn some coffe beans solidier and get back to killin
28-02-2006 11:51:am
malicious: Hey Sempi hit me up bro...i'm having trouble adding attachments to my post....need help...thx
28-02-2006 6:32:am
malicious: JK.....good day solidiers...batllefie ld sure is quiet this time of the morning
28-02-2006 5:53:am
malicious: Congrats on the promotion corporal Boner!....But my HUMMER needs washed after you return with their coffee
28-02-2006 5:50:am
dio2u2: Hey Ramboner congrats on the promotion...but just remember you'll alwase be some ones bitch too....THAT IS ALL
27-02-2006 10:20:pm
dio2u2: yo admin I got the test so all is working fine on your lol....
27-02-2006 10:18:pm

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