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pIpes: Thank you Dupi, I dont know about working hard. I call it hardley working...:)
17-05-2006 8:42:pm
NurFACe: Juggernaught Bitch is some funny cartoon.
17-05-2006 8:21:am
DupiMan: Nice one steely m8. You've worked hard for & deserve it m8. Congrats bro
17-05-2006 4:13:am
BIG: Yo semp thanks for posting everyone check forums and look at my kid
16-05-2006 5:16:am
SeMPeRFi: I'm the Juggernaut BITCH! [URL]
16-05-2006 12:36:am
SeMPeRFi: Congrats to Steely on his graduation.
15-05-2006 4:07:pm
SeMPeRFi: Congrats to Scavy. Mission accomplished.
14-05-2006 4:45:pm
KeySeRSoSe: may include spam, but they should e-mail Driver updates too!!! [URL] Nvidia ONLY
14-05-2006 4:11:pm
SeMPeRFi: is that jr_beef?
14-05-2006 3:03:pm
Salvo: Kid needs a ass kicking
14-05-2006 8:24:am
14-05-2006 5:51:am
athena: Hey congrats to Epik and Skylos, Welcome to hell
13-05-2006 12:57:am
Salvo: Way to go epik, no you gone and done IT!!!!
12-05-2006 5:02:pm
SeMPeRFi: Welcome ||EPiK|| to the brotherhood.
12-05-2006 1:58:am
11-05-2006 1:35:pm
NurFACe: I need to find a Gamer Spot, but only using my PC Box. I need to get GRAW and play.
11-05-2006 10:06:am
NurFACe: Scave is a Fragger and he likes fragging from the REAR and he will kiss and tell!!!
11-05-2006 10:04:am
SeMPeRFi: Check your ranking. Some members went up.
10-05-2006 11:38:pm
m8_: Nice to see that your live and kicking Nurface. We miss your ugly face on the server, no one to TK, so you are very welcome back anytime.
09-05-2006 12:00:pm
NurFACe: I'm lost without my internet. I could get it but I'm trying to get a job in another state. Plus gives some of you slackers to get your scores up in ranking section LOL
09-05-2006 10:20:am
SeMPeRFi: Nurf will be afk for awhile longer. He has no internet atm.
07-05-2006 9:53:pm
m8_: Notification missing person - anyone seen Nurface lately?
07-05-2006 3:28:pm
dio2u2: Yo Semp, the new site is fuck'n cool. I finally got the download to install. locked and loaded. Hit me on the nextel when you can
03-05-2006 8:46:pm
Salvo: Thanks for the Shouts
03-05-2006 6:28:am
BIG: YO congrats to SALVO welcome home brother
02-05-2006 8:04:pm
SeMPeRFi: North Korean Bodyguard Training [1975] [URL]
01-05-2006 2:11:pm
KeySeRSoSe: [URL] killer remake on MilkDrop Vis 4 winamp
29-04-2006 11:48:pm
BIG: i dont know bout tht graw...lookin ki nda ify to me
28-04-2006 6:28:pm
SeMPeRFi: Hey SODPain tell Sniper I said whuts up.
28-04-2006 2:49:pm
BIG: ther is nothing wrong with DELL
28-04-2006 5:07:am
SeMPeRFi: The GRAW demo is out. get it here [URL]
26-04-2006 4:32:pm
SODPain: Hi Howard was are ya
25-04-2006 11:23:pm
HOWARD: Hey Dupi, Howzit Bro? Didn't see you on 2 nite, maybe tomorrow.
22-04-2006 3:34:am
BIG: my man dupi way to go sweety
22-04-2006 1:13:am
DvF: Dupi congratulations on your promotion...
21-04-2006 4:18:pm
DupiMan: Not sure what I did to deserve a promotion, however I do appreciate it and will endeavour to uphold the principles of the rank and the clan. woot I made Master Sgt
20-04-2006 3:06:am
heklos: sup yo. i got a new toy today for werk. a 3.3TB raid array and a raise wewt!!!!11 i pwn
18-04-2006 1:13:pm
KeySeRSoSe: [URL] oops
14-04-2006 9:11:pm
14-04-2006 12:51:pm
KeySeRSoSe: Congrats to our newest RLC Admin Fodder. Nice little promotion in the ranks too.
13-04-2006 8:11:pm
SeMPeRFi: Checkout the Ebay Store. [URL] Hardcore Gamer Mods.
12-04-2006 11:54:pm
m8_: Hi all, I've uploaded some fun movies that you all are welcome to look at: [URL]
12-04-2006 10:49:am
SeMPeRFi: Major Thanks once again for those who donated in March. Your help is greatly appreciated.
10-04-2006 9:57:pm
07-04-2006 4:22:am
BIG: Zulu gogogo get you a copy of GRAW
05-04-2006 6:47:am
dio2u2: wow how could a brother add too all of that shit...ayeka and kangol ....congrats... welcome to the world of the sleepless..
04-04-2006 3:29:am
SeMPeRFi: sup hecklos u should have came in the server last night we was up pretty late playin.
03-04-2006 4:02:pm
malicious: Bartender! Drinks and cigars for everyone... Here's a toast ...Only the best in life for the new baby....congrats Kangol/Ayeka
03-04-2006 2:44:pm
heklos: lol i couldnt sleep last night so i did searches on myspace, found athena,sempy and people from my lame ass high school.
03-04-2006 6:41:am
SeMPeRFi: Congrats to Ayeka and Kangol on the birth of their new baby girl!
03-04-2006 12:22:am

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