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HOWARD : GUys, I got Raven Shield loaded and working but cant find a server to get in....Howard AFLAC! [E-Mail]
11-30-17 1:46pm
SCAVENGER1 : well shit i had it down loaded to give it a shoot but never did. playing to many other games so far. besides RL shit well i hope it went well for you Nurf and thank you for the report
10-01-17 11:37pm
NurFACe : COD WWII Beta weekend has been solid especially for a beta.
10-01-17 10:55am
Interval : snooki want smush smush
09-05-17 4:10pm
SCAVENGER1 : kind of fun game [URL]
06-28-17 1:07am
06-15-17 3:18pm
04-26-17 12:27pm
10-13-16 1:56am
09-30-16 6:11pm
SeMPeRFi : [URL]
09-30-16 1:58pm
SeMPeRFi : fuck that...twilight the OG already has a mod out that fixes the server browser [URL]
09-30-16 1:55pm
SCAVENGER1 : tis a sad day indeed RIP RVS
09-18-16 1:35pm
KeySeRSoSe : Looks like UBI is no longer allowing RavenShield servers to connect/register... RIP R6:3 March 18, 2003 - September 18, 2016
09-17-16 8:52pm
SCAVENGER1 : patch 1.3 and under ground is out for The Division and it is way cool so we can say " Fuck off DZ and its bull shit"
06-28-16 3:30pm
SCAVENGER1 : guess yall quit playing division?
06-10-16 1:24am
SCAVENGER1 : cant forget the BF3 closed beta when a hacker made everyone spawn in the center of the map and had tanks/planes/choppers and naything that had a motor in it come crashing down on you, fun times
06-03-16 6:48pm
SCAVENGER1 : well i all ready know what hacks look like, way back in RVS days i have seen it. from aim bot to wall hack...
06-03-16 1:32am
NurFACe : Scavenger, my link had nothing to do with your EA account. In fact thats not why even posted link. You are notorious for saying hacks so I shared with you what I recorded first hand in a game.
06-02-16 3:18pm
SCAVENGER1 : ok nerf i know what a hacker looks like so what does that have to do with what happen to my EA account? beside nothing
06-02-16 1:26am
NurFACe : Scavenger here is what a hacker looks like. [URL]
06-01-16 1:44pm
SCAVENGER1 : well got help from support i had to give them my phone number and they got it all fixed. well sept for the part of my friends list. which need to be rebilled
05-02-16 4:41pm
SCAVENGER1 : also make sure you redo your passwords and security questions and set up the account verification is on and im using the txt feature so if this happens ill get a txt since my cell number hasnt changed !! it is still the same number since 2003 !!
05-02-16 10:46am
SCAVENGER1 : got hold os EA support inwhich they called me after using online system. guess russians are doing this cause they cant buy some of the older BF games so they hack account so they can sll them to their freinds.. well support said that everything was changed like what country im from which ws set to russian and after they got me all set back up i login to my account and found that everyone on my friends list was set to ignor!! well that part is fixed but now i need to rebuild my frineds list !! im still SCAVY67 so readd me
05-02-16 10:43am
SCAVENGER1 : everyone you better check your EA/origin account ! i got hack saturday night and now i cant login to my EA/origin account at ll and i cant get with support cause they closed for the wk end !! WTF !?!?!?
05-02-16 1:56am
KeySeRSoSe : RavenShield Classic server IP address has CHANGED, Please refresh public unfiltered list to locate & re-add as favorite. Here is the OS h4xor web link updated as well: [URL] That is all.
04-11-16 5:44pm
SCAVENGER1 : anyone checked out that new game The Division? [URL]
01-17-16 4:02pm
SCAVENGER1 : fukcen hell this lag or what ever it is just suck i peak a door and xhair on tango i hit the wall and tango kills me wtf !!
01-10-16 6:56pm
SCAVENGER1 : ok found a fix or fixes but noe the map bunker isnt downloading and when i was in there is a bad lag and i have a ping of 31
01-10-16 2:37am
SCAVENGER1 : well so far i cant get rvs to run no matter what i do, even uninstalled and reinstalled and patched but still every time i click on it to run it does nothing even made sure i have the right cd in and even tried to play fromm cd and still nothing tried to run it in win7 and xp and nadda WTF ??!!
01-10-16 1:28am
KeySeRSoSe : "Temp" hacked URL until I can get our site's status page running: [URL]
01-07-16 10:02pm
KeySeRSoSe : RLC brings you for the first Thursday of 2016 a blast from the past hosting Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield!!! Fire up your 1.60 version and join the "BeSToFTHeBeST*MoDS*C LaSSiC" server found in the Internet list or add IP: for a limited time. See you in the killing field! -[RLC]Keys
01-07-16 10:01pm
NurFACe : Happy New Year RLC.
12-31-15 3:22pm
SCAVENGER1 : so how or where do you redeem that fire skin at i havent found where it is? and what class do we pick?
09-25-15 12:16am
malicious : Hey Sal, what's the Password?
09-06-15 7:38am
Salvo : ok so I am making the rlc server a custom server, which means new maps. I have one new one in the rotation but have to test others out. I have also added Fast DL so you can get the maps from the server!!!
09-03-15 12:03pm
Salvo : Thanks Keys for adding the server to the site!
08-17-15 12:14pm
Interval : the snozberries taste like snozberries
08-09-15 9:02pm
SCAVENGER1 : so who upgraded to win 10 ? i got the file but havent done it
07-29-15 3:45pm
SCAVENGER1 : uhm still @30% ....
07-27-15 5:27pm
SCAVENGER1 : dam thing still @ 30% WTF ?? and comcast upgraed me from 50mps to 75mps so now i know why my test have me around 90mpb
07-27-15 1:40pm
SCAVENGER1 : i wake up around 8am to silence WTF ? so i get up and see if i was dreaming , nope it was off so i start it back up and now its stuck @30% of configuring window updates...
07-27-15 9:11am
SCAVENGER1 : 121 of 210 o0
07-27-15 4:01am
SCAVENGER1 : intersting [URL]
07-26-15 5:36pm
SCAVENGER1 : wish i could update my avatar but so far doesnt matter where i do it from it says out of range/size [URL] i know this isnt huge
07-25-15 1:55am
Salvo : Oh and we already went from dead last to the top one hundred in less than a month!!!!
07-24-15 9:26am
Salvo : Not sure if Savy is the only one that post/reads on here any more but for any member that has not seen it yet new game/ server here. [URL]
07-24-15 9:26am
SCAVENGER1 : new psu is in main rig and the old psu is in the other case, the 1 i modded out where it has 2 -120mm fans 1 in front other in back with air flow going toward front of case..
07-23-15 7:46pm
SCAVENGER1 : well going to rebuild a 2nd or 3rd pc but i dont have a cpu cooler for it. my old build im using the 775 socekt q9450 cpu does anyone know of 1 that is good but cheap?
07-21-15 11:01pm
SCAVENGER1 : my woman isnt blonde nor that fugly unless it is what you keep on the side sempy ??
07-09-15 4:30pm
SeMPeRFi : This the face Scav's woman makes watching him play that shitty defiance game [URL]
07-09-15 12:11pm

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